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Friday, September 22, 2023

Senior Resource Guide Available Listing Services in Coronado and San Diego

Photo (L to R): Tim Farmer, Director Recreation and Golf Services Department, Dana Welch, Recreation Supervisor, Mary Thom, CSA president, Don Swanson, CSA board member. Photo by: Hernando Sorzano

A Senior Community Resource Guide has been released by the City of Coronado John D. Spreckels Center whose mission is to serve older adults in Coronado. City staff created this important tool and the Coronado Senior Association (CSA) provided financial support and valuable input, resulting in a comprehensive 10-page guide for the public to reference.

The guide lists vetted county and nonprofit services available to Coronado residents with services offered locally or in San Diego. Resources include information about housing, transportation, meals, caregiving and more.

“Websites can be challenging to navigate,” said Dana Welch, Recreation Supervisor of the Spreckels Center. “This hard copy publication can be a reference tool and guide for people seeking support.”

Copies are free and available at the John D. Spreckels Center, 1019 7th Street and the Coronado Community Center, 1845 Strand Way.  For more information call 619-522-7343.