Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Coronado Boys Lacrosse Wins Final Regular Season Game Against Saints 14-6

On May 5th, the Coronado Islanders took on Saints in an anticipated matchup. Many of the players and families on both sides knew each other so it was a very fun game. Everyone coming together and enjoying the sport. The Islanders took charge in the game and kept pushing forward, taking the win 14-6, finishing the regular season on a very high note.

Final Score in game against Saints

As per usual, Landon Sutherland played a huge role in helping the Islanders get points on the board. He made moves all night, going behind the back with his stick, shooting at wicked speeds, and juking. All those moves combined helped him get an astonishing seven goals, which helped him hit 50 total for the season.

Landon Sutherland

Throughout the game, it wasn’t just Landon who dominated, but Jared Capin stepped up and sank three goals. Many quick release shots and fast goals, all being strategic and slick.

Jared Capin

On the defensive front, Charles Laing (goalie) and Jonah York (defender) were locked down. Charles had many crucial saves, stopping the ball when it seemed to go a million miles an hour, but keeping his concentration and preventing the ball from going into the goal. Along with that, Jonah helped Charles out by preventing the Saints offense from getting close to the net on most possessions. His aggressive play helped with the Islanders’ win.

Matt Tetzloff (one goal) , Luca Salata (one goal) , and Charley Kobets (two goals) had awesome nights contributing to the final score. Matt had an incredible buzzer beater shot before half. Getting the ball out of his stick seconds before time ran out and getting it into the net. Also, Luca used his strength and powered through defenders to take a strong shot that put the ball into the cage. Finally, Charley has such speed when weaving through defenses it’s not even fair at that point. He is able to get into open space and take a snipe of a shot, sliding the ball into the goal.

Luca Salata

This game concludes the Coronado Islanders boys lacrosse regular season on a high note with the 14-6 win over Saints. As the Islanders get ready for the playoffs, keep an eye out for the upcoming game and any possible schedule changes. And, wish them luck!

Graham Bower
Graham Bower
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