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CHS Competition Cheer Team Wins JAMZ Nationals

Over the three-day weekend (no school on Friday), on January 27 and 28, the Coronado High School (CHS) Cheer Competition Team outperformed 10 other schools in the Varsity Level 1 Medium Division to win the JAMZ Nationals School Competition held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The first day’s performance was worth 33% of the team’s overall score, and the Islanders were ranked first with just a slight edge over the other teams. 

“After reviewing Day 1 score sheets, going into Day 2 we just focused on being the best Coronado team we could be, while focusing on making each section go smoother and look more effortless,” Coach Lee Smith shared. “The girls did exactly what we asked them to do, which was to trust the coaches and trust the process.”

The Islanders finished with zero deductions on both days, sweeping the competition off their feet.

The CHS Cheer Competition Team after their win at JAMZ Nationals. Photo submitted by Coach Lee Smith.

“They were definitely confident, but we also focused on making sure our confidence did not turn into cockiness,” Coach Smith noted. “As coaches, it was important for us to keep the team on their toes during practice to make sure they stay humble. The preparation leading up to Nationals was reps on reps on reps. We also made changes to the routine to max out the score for Nationals as well.”

Now, the girls are preparing for their final competition of the season: State Championships held in Bakersfield, California on February 11. The team also plans on organizing a clinic and fundraiser to encourage the sport of cheerleading. 

“We are a mostly parent funded program, so any chance to get exposure and showcase our achievements like this interview is very helpful to the growth of our program,” Coach Smith described. “We are always looking for sponsorships and fundraising opportunities to help offset the costs of traveling and other cheer expenses. If you are interested in helping, please contact our booster president at [email protected].”

Congratulations to the CHS Cheer Competition Team and we wish them the best of luck in continuing their winning streak in February!

Bella Villarin
Bella Villarin
Bella is a proud military brat who has been a resident of Coronado since 2015. She was born in Japan, and after a short stay in Virginia, traveled extensively throughout Asia while living in Singapore and picking up another language. A senior at Coronado High School, Bella can be found at the driving range or golf course when not in school, studying, writing, playing the guitar, or spending time with her family. Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]

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