Friday, January 27, 2023

Winter Break Camps Begin December 19

Pump up the fun for your children this holiday season by enrolling them in one of the City of Coronado Recreation and Golf Services day camps! There are three camps to choose from.

International Celebrations Cooking Camp – Countries around the world have their own “comfort food” that is prepared for holiday celebrations. Students will discover the dishes and symbolism for other countries during the holidays while learning new culinary skills. Camp is one week, December 19-22, from 10 am-1 pm and is for ages 6-12. To find out more online, visit

Xtreme Dodgeball Camp – Master Sports has created an incredibly fun, fast-paced, adrenaline rush camp for children ages 6-12. Participants will have an action-packed time as they play variations of dodgeball, capture the flag, hide and seek, and paintball. This camp will be offered two separate weeks: December 19-21 and December 27-29 from 10 am-1 pm. To view more online, visit for December 19 camp and for December 27 camp.

Skateboard Holiday Camp – SD Skatelife instructors are offering a fun filled holiday camp for young ones of all skate levels. This camp is for skaters the ages of 6-13 the week of December 19-23 from 9 am-12:30 pm. To find out more online, visit

For additional questions regarding each camp please call the Community Center at 619-522-7342.