Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Learn About Fair Trade Décor’s Lucuma Artisans!

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If you are familiar with Fair Trade, you likely know that everything we do is for the artisans. Talented individuals across the world create their art and we get the honor of selling it to you. When we purchase from these artisans they are given the opportunity to do what they love while being paid fairly in safe work environments, and in turn we get an opportunity to do what we love: share the Fair Trade message with the Coronado community.

Getting to know the stories of our artisans is truly what makes our business so special, which is why today we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight one of our many talented artisans: Lucuma.

Who are they? Lucuma was founded by an American-Peruvian couple, Alessandra Bravo & Don Blackowiak, with the goals of creating products inspired by both a love for nature and tradition. They are a member of both the Fair Trade Federation, as well as 1% for the Planet, reflecting their care for the artisans, as well as their love for protecting and honoring the planet.

Lucuma has artisans in both Peru and Costa Rica, and through supporting their business you help support cottage industries in each of these countries. Additionally, over 80% of the artisans are women, which helps them gain economic autonomy that empowers each of them to have a stronger voice within their households and communities.

This company was built around creating intersection between compassion and business, something the world so desperately needs to see more of from sellers and something we work hard to make the forefront of our business here at Fair Trade Décor.

As the holidays make a fast approach, you will see many of Lucuma’s products around the store, from ornaments to nativity scenes. Stop by and ask one of our employees to point you to their products and pick up not only an environmentally sustainable piece, but also one that supports a company with a rich history of care and compassion for their talented artisans.

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