Saturday, June 19, 2021

Maintaining Your Windows’ Shine Between Cleanings

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Professional window cleaning is the best way to maintain the appearance of your windows. Unless you, or your housekeeper, have professional window cleaning equipment, there are things you can do to keep your windows looking better in between cleanings.

In our last article, The Importance of Winter Window Washing, we promoted cleaning around the rainy season. If you decide to have exterior cleaning during the winter months, you can personally maintain the interiors with simple procedures. The best practice is to continually touch up the glass.

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One easy product to buy is 0000 steel wool or a quality bronze wool. The kitchen window gets those splatter marks and can be irritating if allowed to dry. These wools won’t scratch your windows and if used in the shade, shouldn’t leave any residue. They can be used on smudges and fingerprints too.

The issue some homeowners face with interior windows is waiting too long to do touch up after professional cleanings. Try to clean water spots, fingerprints, bug spots and other smudges regularly after you have your windows cleaning. Eventually the dust and haze that builds on windows will return but you can delay the process. Use an absorbent cloth such as a blue surgical towel. If you still have cotton diapers they work great. Just don’t use bleach to clean them as it reduces absorption. Many cleaners like microfiber towels, although I am still experimenting with the best ones to use as they don’t all rub smooth on glass.

Solar Panels

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Remember to rinse your solar panels too if you are able to reach them with your garden hose sprayer. Customers have varying views on whether panel efficiency improves with cleanings. Some studies show that regular rinsing is enough. The issue is when they go too long and dirt cakes on. Regular rinsing may delay the need for professional cleaning and rains can help too.


If you have any screens that seem to attract dust, use a soft hand brush to keep them cleaner. You don’t need to take them out but if the dust enters the house when you brush them, you could also use your vacuum attachment.

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