Friday, August 14, 2020

Strongly Oppose Crown Manor Proposal

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Submitted by Jim Runner

I have owned 1007 Ocean Blvd, right next door to Crown Manor since 1992, and I most strongly oppose the proposal to turn that house into a hotel and events center.

I love the neighborhood and take great pride in owning a historical home here. In fact, in 2018-19 I spent a large sum of money restoring this Irving Gill home, and have planned on living here the rest of my life. My passion for Coronado’s history is deeply held, as exemplified by my previous long term service on the Board of the Coronado Historical Association. I strongly believe in preserving Coronado’s history, but not on the backs of other residents.

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My patio is directly next to the Crown Manor wall; what if I would like to have a quiet lunch or dinner while a “conference” was going on next door? That would be impossible. My master bed room is also on that same side of the house and I typically go to bed between 8:30-9:00pm. Sleep would obviously be impossible many nights, with amplified noise (perhaps loud music?) blaring from noon until 10 PM. Ridiculous. I believe it’s my right as a homeowner in a single-family residential neighborhood, to expect that a commercial establishment would not be imposed next-door to my home.

With the potential of having 16 rotating overnight guests, along with daily conferences of up to 188 attendees, I would never have any peace and quiet. This level of activity is totally inconsistent with residential use.

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For the life of me, I cannot see how approval of this request would benefit the citizens of Coronado. Obviously, it is extremely harmful to me as the unfortunate neighbor next-door, whose home life will forever be changed. The last thing we need is more noise, more traffic, and more congestion in our town, that approval of this request would bring. Why in a R-1A neighborhood? Who will benefit? Not the neighbors or our residents in general, just one wealthy individual and the Hilton Corporation. I can’t imagine that members of the Planning Commission or the City Council would approve this proposal if their homes were next door to Crown Manor, and their peaceful lives were about to be irretrievably and negatively impacted forever.

Lastly, let me state the obvious. While this is not my primary concern, in addition to the devastating impact approval of this plan will have on my life, it will also cause my property value, as well as that of my neighbors, to lose millions of dollars. I have no plans to sell my home, but this fact must be acknowledged. Once again, I state that I strongly oppose this proposal and intend to fight it vigorously.

– Jim Runner


“Crown Manor” Awaits Planning Commission’s Decision Regarding Overnight Guests & Events

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