Friday, August 14, 2020

Beyond SPF, Four Professional Tips to Care for Your Skin this Summer

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Miracles and More Summer SkinThere’s no doubt that with all of the bright sunshine each time you step outside, summer is here. While most of us automatically begin to step up our SPF game in the summer months, there’s more to caring for your skin during this season that just remembering to apply and reapply sunscreen.

That’s why we’ve put together tips from the professionals to keep your skin clear and healthy and your complexion flawless this summer.

Tip #1 – Exfoliate

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You may have heard that exfoliation is a must during the winter because of how dry your skin gets due to exposure to colder temperatures and harsh winds. However, exfoliation shouldn’t only be part of your winter skincare routine.

In fact, during the summer sun damage from UV rays, as well as large swings in humidity, and going in and out from air-conditioned cool to the summer heat can wreak havoc on your skin and cause a buildup of dead skin cells.

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That’s why our first pro tip for summer skincare is to exfoliate your skin once a week to whisk away these dead cells and reveal the fresh, vibrant, even tone waiting underneath.

Our favorite exfoliator?

Miracles & More 3 in 1 Exfoliate. The boutique skincare line uses only the finest natural ingredients for clean beauty and remarkable results.

Their 3 in 1 Exfoliate is a perfect example of this philosophy and is infused with salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and peel as the formula’s rich jojoba oil plus vitamin B3 cleans clogged sebaceous glands, balances skin oils, and locks in moisture.

Your complexion looks fresher, brighter, and simply radiant.

Tip #2 – Double your cleanse

If you’re not already practicing the art of the double cleanse, summer is the time to start.

That’s because sunscreen and waterproof makeup can cake onto your skin and become baked in by the heat and humidity. But with a double cleanse, this layer of built up oil and grime doesn’t stand a chance.

The key is to start your cleanse with a lotion or oil-based cleanser and follow with a water-based option.

The skincare professionals at Miracles & More recommend kicking off your cleanse with their Botanical Cleansing Lotion and finishing with their soothing Acne Stop Gel, Chamomile Face Wash.

Tip #3 – Think light

Nope, we don’t mean sunlight. Instead, we’re talking about your moisturizer since our second pro tip for perfect summer skincare is to lighten up on your creams.

Rather than the heavy moisturizer you need during the winter to shield your skin from the harsh elements, summer calls for a lighter choice that lets your skin breathe, while still locking in hydration to keep it silky smooth.

Our fave is the Hydrating Mango Face Cream from Miracles & More.

The supremely velvety formula delivers a natural blend of five oils plus hyaluronic acid and exotic Mango and Shea Butter, to increase skin elasticity, ease dryness, and plump. It’s the perfect choice for these warm sunny days.

Tip #4 – Protect against crow’s feet

Finally, it’s important to remember that sunny days mean more time squinting into the bright light, which can also mean a deepening of those dreaded crow’s feet.

Be sure to protect and nourish the fragile skin around your eyes with a cream formulated specifically to target the signs of aging in the eye area.

Miracles & More Active Eye Cream is the perfect choice for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes with its tightening cream formula enriched with actives. The water-resistant cream goes on like silk and quickly absorbs into your skin to provide long-lasting moisture for hours.

Look Miraculous All Summer and Into Fall

The summer weather can be rough on your skin. In addition to applying sunscreen, care for your skin with the tips above to look flawlessly beautiful and miraculously radiant every day.


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