Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Chief Kaye’s Compassion and Kind Actions Stand Out

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Submitted by Carolyn Rogerson

We never know when a dire emergency will strike our lives. When such a crisis confronted Coronado visitors Mike and Jan Horn, it was compounded by chaos and the demonstrations blocking the Coronado Bridge and travel to reach their dying child. Understandably panic ensued; they sought help from law enforcement. Fortunately for Mr. & Ms. Horn, when they knocked on the door of the Coronado Police Station, it was opened by Police Chief Chuck Kaye. The compassion our Chief Kaye showed toward a distressed septuagenarian couple visiting Coronado is exemplary.

The Horns reached their daughter in time for sad final goodbyes. Despite their grief, Mr. & Ms. Horn returned to Coronado a few days later to thank the officer who showed such kindness. It was at that time they learned that officer was the Coronado Police Chief Kaye.

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It is a difficult time for law enforcement officers in our nation’s history. Law enforcement may be one of the most criticized and thankless professions. We all should say thank you more often. Chief Kaye’s understanding and kind actions stand as a bright beacon of light and example for the country’s police community, as well as all the rest of us. Coronado is very fortunate to have Chief Kaye’s leadership.

The past several months have been trying and stressful for every person, every country, every sector of life. We have seen that Coronado citizens continue to strive for understanding and reach for the light. Let’s have hope and continue to seek out the best in ourselves and others.

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Carolyn Rogerson

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