Sunday, June 20, 2021

Disregarding the Stay at Home Request: Selfish or In Denial

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Submitted by Mike Barnes

I’m lucky enough to live along the “boardwalk” overlooking the bay, near the Marriott.

I’ve noticed this before, but today with the weather so nice, I would say that people here either are CoronaVirus deniers, skeptics or just plain selfish.

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It’s obviously difficult enough to be “socially distant” on the boardwalk as it is but it seems to be a foreign concept here.

I’ve watched multiple groups of bike riders, women and men go by, certainly nowhere CLOSE to being 6′ apart and most not wearing masks.

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And again, with such a nice day there are very many people out so apparently disregarding the “stay home” request.

I hope things don’t get worse here before this is over but as much as the news praises residents for doing their part, I don’t see that here and haven’t for some time.

Mike Barnes


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