COVID-19 in San Diego:
Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)
Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID-19 in San Diego: Cases & Deaths (Updated Daily)

Quarantined in Coronado: Finding Joy in Small Things

Before the COVID-19 crisis, I daily counted my blessings that I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of moving to Coronado; and now more than ever as we are quarantined, I am thankful to be part of this amazing community. Having moved from a more rural area, I feel that I am less isolated here, especially with Facebook groups like Coronado Happenings, The 92118, Crown Town Talk and the newly formed Coronado Coronavirus Help – People Helping People.  For example, when I saw a post from someone who placed extra avocados and tangerines on their porch to share, I set off to pick up a few for my family and to share with neighbors.

There are positives and negatives of not having young children at home during this stressful time. I have two grown children, one that has the temperament for homeschooling and one that requires an active schedule, so I can relate to what moms are going through. I wish I had my kids home to hug and make cookies and play dough with, teach math the old fashioned way and make up stories, mixed in with skipping and biking around the neighborhood, create awesome tent forts and host epic ’80s-themed family dance parties. I’m envious of all the educational content available via the internet which wasn’t there when my kids were growing up. There is an abundance of learning activities for kids and adults, from math games, writing ideas, Broadway shows to art museums and much more. I recently discovered that the San Diego Zoo and other organizations have live cams and educational themed material. Even the Coronado city television channel has added additional content to their lineup.

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It can be unsettling when we just focus on what’s going on the world, but I believe that God knows the ultimate plan and I am praying that our world comes out stronger and kinder when this has subsided. I try to focus on the positive and find joy in the small things like:


It makes me smile to see the neighbor girl draw a chalk hopscotch and then jump gleefully down the entire block.

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Taking time to notice all the blooming flowers and variegated leaves on plants in neighboring yards that were getting spruced up for the annual Flower Show Home Front Judging, which is now cancelled.

The takeout food options here are truly delicious. We are doing our part of eating our way through the village. And in case you haven’t heard, Luis and Jason from Madrid Cafe, formerly located in front of Bay Books, have taken over The Coronado Coffee Company at The Ferry Landing.  This is outstanding news for Coronado coffee lovers who can still practice social distancing while enjoying their favorite beverage with witty banter and an incredible view.

I look at going to the grocery store like a scavenger hunt to see what creative menu I can make from what’s available. I’m almost ready for the Top Chef Mystery Box Challenge.

Biking down the strand with my husband on our tandem is invigorating with the fresh air and wind in our faces.

I’m finding more time to catch up on my reading. There are quite a few books that have had speakers or roots in Coronado, some recent ones I’ve discovered are League of Wives, Eva’s Story, the 2020 Coronado Community Read The Library Book and Crown City by the Sea. My husband has read some riveting books by Navy SEALs and other military personnel. I was looking forward to stocking up at the 50th annual Friends of the Library Book Fair, with more than 20,000 selections, but that has now been postponed. Let’s all share titles of our favorite books, both classics and newbies.

Checking to see if neighbors need anything in this time of short supplies is one small thing we can do. It warms my heart to see neighbors chatting with coffee cups in hand across alleyways.

Connecting with friends via text is fine, but actually talking on the phone is better than you remembered. Give it a try!

Catching up on TV shows and discovering new ones because we have more time. I hear neighbors watching movie marathons like Star Wars and other cult favorites. I personally like Homeland and am open to suggestions.

Putting shamrocks and other pictures in the window for kids to find on outdoor scavenger hunts is a fun and easy thing to do.

Organizing my cupboards and closets so that all the Tupperware has matching lids and the socks are in pairs gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Pulling out stationery and cards to write letters to brighten someone’s day has almost become a lost art. Let’s bring “pretty mail,” as my kids call it, back.

I smile when I see how happy the neighborhood dogs are going on multiple walks each day and chuckle as I hear the local parrots sing in nearby trees.

I want to try my hand at painting and hiding rocks since I’ve been inspired by the Facebook group Coronado Rocks where Thelma hides dozens of rocks at the hospital and others like Joe paint beautiful ones to hide and sell.

I made chocolate chip cookie dough balls in mass to freeze and bake warm gooeyness to savor anytime of the day or night, most likely on my porch so I can say hi and share with my neighbors. We should all exchange our favorite recipes because who needs famous chefs’ recipes when we have our own extraordinary cooks right here in Coronado.

This situation makes us feel helpless, but there are things we can do like donate blood to help shortages and locate critical supplies for those in need, as well as keep up the spirits of those around us and count our blessings.

I’ve never seen it this quiet in town, but I’m loving it and enjoy hearing people who have lived here a majority of their lives reminisce about the old days.

While I think that social media has contributed to the “stockpile mentality,” I see people offering to get supplies for others and trade for needed items like diapers and the wildly popular toilet paper. I think the barter system of old seems like an excellent idea. Hopefully people have gotten their hoarding tendencies out of their system and we can all return to be the best and strongest version of our kind and caring selves.  No one really knows exactly what the future holds, but I pray it puts us all on the same page of helping and caring for each other.

If you’d like to send us your “Quarantined in Coronado” story, email It can be humorous or serious, highlighting the caring side, the hard situations or the lighter situations. What’s your experience? Send a photo too!


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Jennifer Velez
Jennifer fell in love with Coronado as a teenager while visiting a college friend. She vowed that someday she would make it her home, and that dream has recently become a reality. Fast forward through completing college with a BA in Journalism, Public Relations and Communications, she then went on to work with a variety of clients. She also taught Journalism and coordinated fundraising for her children’s school, and was a staff writer for San Diego Family Magazine and contributed to other parenting publications. Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to:


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