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Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation

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“As a Naval Aviator I understand the challenges these families face in support of their military member. WOASF works to provide college scholarships to dependents of Naval Aviation to help them realize their educational goals. I applaud the work of Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation and encourage others to support this worthy foundation.” President George H. W. Bush

Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation (WOASF) provides post-secondary scholarships for dependent children and spouses of the Navy Aviation community. The foundation supports them because they unwaveringly support their active duty members even if it means making sacrifices in their educational careers. Currently WOASF provides 50 scholarships, starting at $3,400 and administers an additional 35 scholarships for a 2019 total award amount of over $250,000. Scholarships may be used at trade/technical schools, community colleges and four-year universities. The foundation strives to provide the most opportunities for our Navy dependents no matter their educational journeys. Scholarship recipients are selected on six equally weighted criteria: scholastic merit, community service, extracurricular activities, work experience, recommendations and essays. WOASF looks for the well-rounded student. To date $1,800,000 has been awarded to Navy dependents around the globe who have chosen to continue their education.

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“I know how powerful of a tool education can be and how lucky I am to be able to take my own education to the next level. Knowing I am backed with the support of Wings Over America, I am so excited to see where these next few years take me. I can’t wait to update this generous organization on my educational journey and share the positive impact I hope to make along the way. Thank you so much for helping to make my educational dreams a reality!”—Avery Dozier; Coronado, CA

Navy dependents move an average of 6-9 times in their 12-year school period. They face challenges unique to their civilian counterparts, such as loss of extra-curricular and leadership opportunities, ever changing curriculum and graduation requirements, and establishment in a new school and community. They also endure the stress of deployments, suffer separation from their extended families and in the case of those stationed overseas, adapt to a completely new culture. Additionally, spouses often find themselves as the sole parent during deployments making it nearly impossible to pursue their degrees full-time.

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“With this scholarship, I will be able to stay focused and remain committed to my educational goals until I see my dream come true. I know that a military organization such as WOASF is supporting military spouses.” —Sahadatu Mahama, Jacksonville, FL

When applying for the scholarships needed to pay for the ever-growing cost of a post-secondary education, Navy dependents often find themselves with incomplete resumes compared to their civilian classmates. In addition, they may not qualify for local community scholarships because they haven’t been in that community throughout their school age years. Being part of the Naval Aviation community carries them through all these challenges and the foundation provides their Community Scholarship.

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“As a military kid who is very proud of my dad’s 27-year career with the US Navy, I am thankful for the recognition this group gives to Naval Aviators who have served our country by aiding their family members.” —Carson Alfonzo; San Diego, CA

Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation not only offers scholarships to these students, the foundation also provides a “common application” for students which allows them to apply to several Navy related scholarships with just one application. This is not only more efficient for the students and their families; it also gives smaller scholarship providers access to current online technology they couldn’t otherwise afford. WOASF also offers free seminars and online resources to military affiliated families to help maximize college funding resources specifically for them.

“This award helps to lessen the financial burden of my college education. Since I was not entirely sure what I wanted to study, my parents were reluctant to send me off to school blindly into debt. However, with this generous award, I can now afford my education.”—Daniel Hopkins; Coronado, CA

Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation will host its fifth annual “Weekend for Wingson February 28 & 29, 2020 to benefit scholarships for Navy dependents. The weekend, comprised of a Golf Tournament at the Sea and Air Golf Course and No Host Happy Hour at McP’s on Friday as well as the Concert and Benefit Silent Auction at the NANSI Island Club on Saturday, is the largest fund-raising event hosted by the foundation. All Weekend for Wings events are open to military personnel, active duty or retired and civilians with base access or a military sponsor. For more information or to register, please visit or call 757-228-3314.

Wings Over America Scholarship Foundation is funded solely through the generous contributions of private and corporate sources and is a registered a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation.

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