A Second to “Hotel Proposal at Ferry Landing Does Not Put Residents First”

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Hotel Proposal at Coronado Ferry Landing Does Not Put Residents First published July 28, 2019

Submitted by Sheldon Schusler

As visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Newhall’s letter is spot on….

My wife and I, and our family, have been visiting Coronado for more years than I like to admit.

You folks apparently have lost sight of the value of what you have.

If I was a voting resident your mayor would NEVER receive my vote again.

Is it time for stronger leadership?

To allow the local authorities and government to further destroy this very little piece of paradise with out a huge fight would be travesty. Just another example of a few well positioned individuals having the ear of the bureaucrats, who of late, don’t seem to care about us as much as they do about themselves.

On a personal note. I trust the city has great insurance. Allowing cars to be parked on each and every corner is NOT RIGHT. It is impossible to traverse an intersection in an appropriate time. Scary!

A zonie who hopefully will be returning in the future……

Sheldon Schusler


EDITOR’S NOTE: It appears that the hotel proposal for the Ferry Landing is off the table.


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