Free Lecture at the Spreckels Center to Kick Off the Coronado Island Film Festival

“Some Like it Hot”
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The Coronado Island Film Festival (CIFF) officially begins on Friday, November 9 and runs through Sunday, November 12, culminating with the showing of Some Like it Hot, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary. However, CIFF aficionados and fans can jump start their experience with a special pre-recorded streaming lecture at the John D. Spreckels Center.

On Wednesday, November 7, at 2:30pm, the City of Coronado’s John D. Spreckels Center will be streaming a lecture on, Marilyn Monroe – The Making and Mystique of the Hollywood Iconin partnership with UC San Diego’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Marilyn Monroe’s meteoric ascent to Hollywood star and icon is without compare. But, what and who makes the Hollywood star? Is it the studio mogul, the director, the performer, her mentors and handlers, the press agents and the gossip columnists, or the fans? Or was it a confluence of these forces that created Marilyn, one of the most identifiable, beloved and tragic stars of motion pictures. We’ll celebrate Marilyn through her words and performances from supporting player (The Asphalt JungleAll About Eve) to leading star (Niagara, Some Like It Hot). We’ll examine her love affair with the camera, her dedication to the craft of acting, and the tragedy and conspiracies surrounding her death. Join us as we chart the trajectory of a star’s ascent from innocent Norma Jean to iconic Marilyn and investigate the power of her star-comet’s glow that continues to captivate and inspire.
Note: This presentation will be longer than the usual Spreckels’ Osher Lectures and will be a total of 1 hour & 30 minutes (2:30pm to 4pm).

This informative lecture will feature Stuart Voytilla, who teaches critical studies and screenwriting at San Diego State University’s School of Theatre, Television, and Film. With over 20 years of university teaching experience, Stuart is a three-time recipient of the “Most Influential Faculty” Award. An award-winning screenwriter and producer, Stuart is author of Myth and the Movies: Discovering the Mythic Structure of 50 Unforgettable Films, and co-author of Writing the Comedy Film.

To register call us at 619-522-7343, visit, or come by the City of Coronado’s John D. Spreckels Center & Bowling Green at 1019 Seventh Street.


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