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Submitted by Kevin Ehlinger Wilde

The controversy surrounding the Department Of Justice has served as a daily reminder that our government no longer serves ‘We the People’. Their primary focus is on ways to increase their personal power and serve the interests of the wealthy donors that finance their re-elections, which makes the “deep state” even deeper.

Daily news programs and media detail the roadblocks from the president, while Congress sits silently by as a self-neutered and complicit body. Washington is a ship without a rudder because the structure is broken. The very people empowered to fix the system are those that directly benefit from it being broken, therefore it will never be fixed unless ‘We the People’ change it.

This is why the Convention of States Project is so important. Article V of the Constitution gives people the right and the duty, to be the fourth check and balance against the federal government through the collective action of the states to propose amendments. The Convention of States Project is now organized in every state working with state legislatures to rein in the federal government, preserve liberty and self-governance for future generations.

Our federal government will never allow permanent, meaningful reform which returns power to the people without collective action. Millions have joined the Convention of States movement to do an end-run around Washington and institute the changes this country so desperately needs. Visit for more information.

Kevin Ehlinger Wilde
Coronado, CA




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