City Manager’s Weekly Update – June 22, 2018

  • The city’s Ask Coronado app, available 24/7, lets city staff know immediately of issues around town (potholes, missing signs, broken sidewalk, etc.)
  • 4th of July celebration is the city’s largest celebration, visitors should arrive early and locals should use free shuttle or bicycles to get around
  • City introduced an ordinance to regulate the use of electronic smoking devices, as an update to the prohibited outdoor smoking ordinance from 2014
  • High amounts of kelp on the beach is a natural occurrence during summer, and the city thanks the community for patience during kelp cleaning operations
  • Police Dept has a new mobile command center to be used as a movable base of operations
  • City is working with CUSD to assist the school district getting to “basic aid” status
  • Decal parking permits will be reinstated for area between First and Sixth Streets and Alameda and H Avenues
  • Silver Strand State Beach was closed June 21 due to a fuel spill
  • Update on sea lion pup born two weeks ago on the Bayshore Bikeway

Each week, the City Manager’s Office provides an update that includes information on programs, services and issues within the City, as well as news, project updates and follow-up information when necessary.

Get up to speed on what’s going on in Coronado with this video preview of the latest edition of the Coronado City Manager’s Weekly Update, as well as a sampling of the updates below. Read the full update on the City’s website.

Former Redevelopment Agency Bonds:  The City continues to work with the Coronado Unified School District to structure the obligations of the City’s former redevelopment agency in such a way as to allow the School District to achieve the financially preferred “basic aid” status. The Coronado community and its school district benefited from redevelopment agency law, which allowed most Coronado school facilities to be rebuilt. The district hopes to remove itself from the California School Funding formula. However, all of the obligations of the former redevelopment agency must be first extinguished. The City hopes to pay off its obligations sooner than what is set forth in the current debt repayment schedule to allow that payoff about seven years sooner. 

E-cigarettes: The City Council introduced an ordinance at its meeting Tuesday, June 19, to regulate the use of electronic smoking devices in Coronado. In 2014, the City adopted regulations prohibiting outdoor smoking on all outdoor public property, excluding the Golf Course, but the prohibition did not include e-cigarettes. If approved on a second reading at the July 17 meeting, the ordinance will become effective August 16. New signs will be installed informing the public of the updated City law.

Get Answers – Report an Issue, Concern: Have you ever driven over a pothole or noticed a missing or defaced street sign? Have a question or concern and don’t know what City department to contact? With the City’s “Ask Coronado” app, residents can report damage or ask questions either online or with their smart phones. The app gives residents, businesses and visitors enhanced customer access to a number of government-provided services 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Just include the details of the request or concern, and attach a photo as applicable. You can then track progress on resolving your issue or concern with the assigned tracking number and you will receive an email when updates become available. It’s already helping improve our neighborhoods by letting City staff know immediately about damaged sidewalks, litter and graffiti. The app can be used from the City’s website or downloaded as an Android or Apple smart phone app. 

Ask Coronado

Mobile Command Center: The City recently deployed its new Mobile Command Center, which will be used by the Police Department as a movable base of operations for critical incidents, natural disasters, special events and other public safety needs. It replaces the previous mobile command center, a converted 1996 motorhome retired in November of 2016. The new vehicle is built on a Sprinter van platform, and is smaller and easier to operate. The vehicle can be used for traffic collision investigations, missing persons, fire and natural disasters, and other City events. It will provide added functionality to Police Department operations, and can serve as a back-up dispatch center and mobile operations center. The vehicle will provide incident support to the Fire Department, as well as other City departments engaged in planned or unplanned events for an extended period of time. It contains computers and communications equipment, has a generator, a lighting system and a high definition camera mounted on a retractable roof mast.

Mobile Command outside

Mobile Command

Fourth of July Preparations:  Coronado’s Fourth of July celebration is a day filled with activities for the entire family. As the City prepares for all the festivities, including a popular parade and a fireworks show, it wants the community to be ready for the City’s largest celebration. Visitors are advised to arrive early to find the best parking particularly for the 10 a.m. parade, which draws the most spectators of any of the events. Locals are encouraged to take alternative transportation, such as the Free Summer Shuttle and bicycles. Big crowds are expected throughout the day and into the evening. 

For the complete City Manager’s Weekly Update, visit the city’s website.

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