Bridgeworthy: MishMash Opens at New Location in Barrio Logan

No joke. This was my son’s reaction after the waitress delivered our $8.99 specials.

The waves weren’t happening at the Coronado Shores last Saturday, so my son and I decided to head up the 5 to the other “shores” in La Jolla. The conditions were much better and we certainly worked up an appetite surfing for the next few hours.

On the way back to Coronado, I recalled hearing about a Barrio Logan burger joint that recently changed locations. My co-pilot found the destination via Yelp and we exited at Cesar Chavez Blvd. from the 5 South and quickly found our way to MishMash, located at 1805 Newton Avenue.

MishMashThe sign out front told us what to order and we placed it with the server at the bar (no sit-down ordering allowed). It’s got an industrial minimalist design element with retro artwork on the walls providing the only pops of color (besides the tattoos on the staff).

Within a few minutes, we got our grub and it was delicious. The meat was tasty and the aioli sauce and crispy onion rings on top made up for the lack of lettuce and tomato.  The lemonade was indeed freshly squeezed, and the fries greasy but flavorful. If we hadn’t worked out paddling around La Jolla for the last three hours, we may have skipped a heavy lunch, but we deserved it.

MishMash offers many other items on their menu and next time I’m trying the “Hangover Fries” and the “Santa Fe Chicken” salad. Check out the full menu below (click to enlarge):

MishMash menuMishMash
1805 Newton Ave (Barrio Logan)
Open Daily from 10a-9p

MishMash mural
The bathroom door is a bit hidden, but it’s there in the middle of this mural.


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