Water Testing, Small Cell Sites, Traffic Enforcement Top Council Agenda

At its upcoming meeting on Tuesday, June 20 the city council will reconsider its decision to create a loading zone at 333 Orange Ave and hold a public meeting on 2017-2018 TransNet fund projects. The council will also be briefed by the Police Department on traffic enforcement and hear from the City Manager on ocean water testing and on SB649 regarding wireless telecommunication facilities.

  • The raw sewage spill that washed up on Imperial Beach this past winter has made Coronado residents concerned about the safety of swimming or surfing here. To respond to those concerns City Manager Blair King will present the protocol used to test ocean water.


  • Police Chief Jon Froomin will present traffic enforcement data for April and May. The report compares the number of tickets and warnings issued in 2017 for specific violations (speeding, running traffic lights and signs, and DUIs) compared to 2016.


  • King will also share a memorandum outlining Coronado’s opposition to SB 649. The bill would allow wireless telecommunications companies to establish small cell sites in the public right-of-way and forbid cities from regulating or receiving compensation for the facilities.The bill was introduced by State Senator Ben Hueso and it has strong support from the telecommunications industry. It sees small cells as an important way to increase network coverage. Coronado and 120 other cities and counties want to retain control of the public right-of-way in their jurisdiction.
    wireless telecommunications small cells
    Examples of the type of small cell sites being proposed.
    Image: City Council Meeting Agenda for June 20, 2017, page 89.

    Coronado has already received applications from AT&T and Verizon. AT&T wants to place small cell sites in the Ferry Landing, Orange Avenue and Ocean Blvd. Verizon wants to place them along Third and Fourth Streets, in an alley between Orange and D Avenues and along Alameda Blvd.


  • TransNet is a half-cent sales tax earmarked for regional transportation projects. The city intends to use the funds for a number of street repair and improvement projects, including slurry seal and gutter and curb repair.


  • The city council previously approved a request from The Commodore Homeowners Association for a passenger (white) loading zone south of its southern driveway (333 Orange Ave). The traffic operations committee determined that a delivery loading (yellow) zone that would allow trucks to use the zone would be more appropriate. The council approved the latter at its May 16, 2017 meeting. Since that time the Commodore HOA has not paid for the installation. The council now will look at other options.
The meeting begins at 4:00 pm in city council chambers at 1825 Strand Way.


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