Strand Traffic & Bridge Safety Top Council March 21st Agenda

The City Council agenda for Tuesday, March 21 includes making emergency repairs at the Glorietta main sewer line, embellishments to John D. Spreckels Center, smart stoplights on the Strand, and graphic design wraps for the portable restroom trailers in Spreckels Park. Requests to consider reviewing the transitional housing ordinance and support for safety barriers on the bridge have also been proposed.

Glorietta Sewer Main: City Manager Blair King requested permission to “forego the competitive bidding.” The sewer is so degraded that immediate action needs to be taken. The standard bidding process adds from three to four months to the repair timeline. Since there is industry standard pricing for such projects, King said there is little financial risk.


Adaptive signals/”Smart stoplights” change from green to yellow to red based on actual traffic flow, not on a pre-programmed schedule. Four intersections near Naval Amphibious Base are being considered for a change to adaptive signals. The old-style devices have led to congestion during the early morning commute. Between 6:30am and 8:30am on weekdays, traffic headed to Coronado from the Cays can back up for five miles. With a smart stoplight, traffic would only be stopped when someone actually needs to cross the street, giving northbound commuters more green time and easing congestion, city engineers believe. A smart stoplight would cost between $250,000 and $325,000 to install and less than $4,000 a year to maintain.

Graphic wraps for two portable restrooms to be placed in Spreckels Park during large events, such as the Flower Show and Concerts in the Park. The wraps depict Coronado Railroad cars from the 1880s and the carousel that operated in Tent City at the turn of the century. Besides reminding residents and visitors of the city’s history, the wraps protect the trailer’s exterior from the sun and graffiti. It will cost $5,746 to wrap both trailers.

John D. Spreckels Center: To accommodate parties and events at the new center, the city plans to spend $62,000 for 12 training tables and 176 chairs of varying types. Plaques to honor Francette Roeder and Bill Hiscock for their volunteer work in association with the new center are also being considered. The total cost for both, plus installation, would be less than $1500.

Transitional housing offers shelter to people in need for a few months to a couple years. The decision to establish a residence for recovering sex trafficked victims has brought the issue to the public’s attention. Councilmembers Mike Donovan and Bill Sandke want the council to consider the city’s ordinances that apply. For example, they would like to know the rules for zoning, parking, security and safety. If the rest of the council agrees, the matter would be discussed at a future meeting.

A Bridge Safety Barrier for the San Diego-Coronado Bridge has been proposed by State Senator Ben Hueso. He has introduced legislation (SB 480) that would provide funding. His request follows a commitment he made after four people were killed and nine people injured in Chicano Park when a truck flipped over the barrier on the Interstate 5 connection on October 15, 2016. Staff has recommended that Mayor Richard Bailey send a letter supporting the legislation.

The City Council will meet on Tuesday, March 21 at 4pm in Council Chambers at 1825 Strand Way.

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