Friday, May 24, 2024

City Increases Service Fees by 5.1%, Approves Additional Foam Launchers for Police

The Coronado City Council increased service fees for the city by 5.1% at its April 4 meeting as an annual adjustment based on both the consumer price index and the construction price index.

The indexes were 5.1% and 10.1% last year, respectively.

Adjustments will take effect on July 1, 2024. Library fees were not subject to the CCI increase. Further, sports field allocation fees were unchanged as the city reviews them as a part of its city recreation fee allocation study. Those fees will come before council at a later date.

The fees adjusted include those for development (such as building permits and inspections), wastewater capacity, special events, police, and EMS/ambulance. The updated fee schedule can be viewed here.

The city also heard a report of military equipment use by the Coronado Police Department, a requirement since January 2022 under Californiaā€™s Assembly Bill 481, which requires local legislative bodies to adopt ordinances approving law enforcement agencies to utilize tools that the state designates as military equipment.

The police department will not use any new types of such equipment, but will acquire four more 40mm launchers, which shoot foam projectiles with an impact that Director of Police Services Rick Martinez described as being hit by a 90-mile-per-hour baseball. Itā€™s meant to deescalate without the use of lethal force, Martinez says.

Acquiring the launches will cost about $4,000, plus an additional $200 of annual maintenance.

Megan Kitt
Megan Kitt
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