Saturday, April 20, 2024

Month Long Celebration – We Are Coronado

At CUSD, we are initiating an entire month long celebration of our community and all those who make it the jewel of the region: We Are Coronado.

No two individuals arshutterstock_237002341e the same. While everyone has different challenges and abilities, each of us uniquely contributes to strengthen our community. As a district, we are proud to celebrate each individual who, through his/her own creative and inspiring way, enhances the experience we all share in Coronado.

This month long event is designed to support the fact that we are a united front. We Are Coronado.


Focusing on the Big Community Picture

At the district, we started exploring ways that we could celebrate Abilities Awareness Month. This event focuses on conversations highlighting how we create opportunities for individuals of ALL abilities.

Once we started reaching out to all of our different school sites, we realized that October coincided with several other important events, including:

  • Character Counts Week
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Homecoming
  • Student Connectedness Activities
  • Walk and Bike to School Day

Each school site puts together an entire program to facilitate awareness, promote conversations and celebrate these different events. Soon, Abilities Awareness Month morphed into a month long event highlighting all of these important topics and events.

Despite the many different talking points, we believe fundamentally all the initiatives come down to highlighting key aspects of what makes Coronado so great. That’s why we combined our efforts to create a larger month long celebration.


Event Schedule

As promised, October will be a month jam packed full of different events focusing on strengthening character, promoting tolerance, celebrating unique abilities, encouraging healthy living and more.

Here is a master calendar of all of the different events.



It is color coded to indicate events hosted at the different school sites. Please connect with each school site for event-specific details.

In addition to community events, each school will be creating their own curriculum around the topics and themes. These student-focused efforts will include morning announcements, lunchtime activities and discussions in class.


Yearlong Commitment

All of our teachers and staff are dedicated to building character, teaching tolerance, and instilling healthy lifestyle choices into all of our students. It’s not something we only focus on in October, but rather all year.

Many of our efforts have been built so seamlessly into the regular school schedule at each of our sites that many parents and community members don’t realize that we do them.

We want to change that. By highlighting all of the different activities in October, we hope to give parents and community members a snapshot of what we work to facilitate all year.

Each school site facilitates different events into their curriculum. We encourage community members to explore the different activities at all of the sites.

We hope to have you join us at one of the many events this month.


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