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Lamb’s Player’s Theatre will attempt Guinness World Record

Lamb’s Players Theatre will stage their attempt to make history with “100 Hours of Stories” from May 8 – 12, 2014. With the help of favorite local theatre artists and community members, the San Diego nonprofit will present 100 consecutive hours of play and musical readings to break the Guinness World Record for Longest Marathon Theatrical Performance and celebrate Lamb’s.

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There will be a peer-to-peer fund-raising component to this special 100 hour event, as artistic and community participants help spread the word to raise funds for future LAMB’S programming.

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“We work hard to keep our theatre affordable, so tickets prices cover only a part of the cost of productions and operating expenses,” shared Colleen Kollar Smith. “Fund-raising efforts are vital to keep non-profit arts organizations fiscally healthy and artistically flourishing. Sit down fund-raising dinners are lovely, however we were looking for something a little different as we celebrate our 20th year in Coronado. The idea of a 5-day event bringing together past productions, renowned local artists, and the community that supports us with a common goal is incredibly exciting. Our goal is to break the Guinness Record of Longest Running Theatrical Performance and celebrate Lamb’s all while raising 100K for the organization. Everyone involved will assist in peer-to-peer fund-raising, which is a wonderful first for us. We were overjoyed when over 70 professional actors immediately volunteered their help to make this happen. Coupled with a strong outpouring of volunteer support from the community – we are passionately in full planning swing.”

Lamb’s next focus will be securing sponsorships and in-kind donations to support the event. If your organization is interested in participating in this way, or joining our planning committee, please contact Colleen Kollar Smith at 619-437-6050 x123 or

Committee Members:

Paula Beck, Karin Donaldson, Katherine Farley, Barbara Lohlein, Ed Lohlein , Vi Nguyen, Kelly O’Connor, Charlie Paul, Bobbie Quick, Blair Quick, Alysse Turner, Marci Wuebben, Kristen Zucht

Actors include:

Jesse Abeel, Bryan Banville, Katie Banville, Bryan Barbarin, Season Bowers, Mike Buckley, Chrissy Burns, Danny Campbell, Sandy Campbell, Geno Carr, Nancy Snow Carr, Ron Choularton, Jim Chovick, Susan Clausen, Diana Elledge, Nicole Elledge, Jillian Frost, Cynthia Gerber, Caitie Grady, Greg Good, Carrie Heath, David Heath, David Humphrey, Phil Johnson, G. Scott Lacey, Alexandra Lee, Jon Lorenz, Jason Maddy, Paul Maley, Jason Makiaris, Mike McCafferty, Kerry Meads, Kimberly Miller, Chrissy Reynolds, Rosina Reynolds, Brent Schindele, Brandon Sherman, Oliver Shirley, Colleen Kollar Smith, Lance Arthur Smith, Deborah Gilmour Smyth, Robert Smyth, Kelsey Venter

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