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Coronado Mayor Selected to be ABC’s Candidate for “The Bachelor”

ABC announced that the next candidate for The Bachelor is 36-year-old Coronado Mayor and Coronado High School teacher Casey Tanaka. Since 2001, The Bachelor television show has been a hit with viewers around the globe and they are excited that, for the first time, a city official will be in the “hot seat” this season.

Executive producer Lirpa Sloof shared that expectations will be high as they go into production this Spring. “When I first found out that the final bachelor candidate was both a city mayor and school teacher from a small “island” town in San Diego, I was a little skeptical of how our viewers would respond. However, once you meet Casey and get to experience his Aloha Spirit, historical wit and love for classic cinema, you get it immediately.” The show boasts over 4.1 million weekly viewers and isn’t fooling around this time with the lastest candidate.

About The Bachelor According to ABC’s Website:

One lucky gentleman is introduced to 25 lovely ladies. The beloved bachelor gets to spend a little time with each and every woman he meets. Sometimes as a group, sometimes one-on-one. There are even times when the bachelor must take out two women at once. It’s a whole new spin on “double dating.” Hoping for a goodnight kiss, girls? Well, take a number and wait your turn.
This is an elimination competition. At the end of each episode, there is a rose ceremony. The bachelor reflects on who he can still see as a possible soul mate. Anyone who receives a rose can stay to date another day. Those who come up empty-handed must head home alone.

There has been an eclectic mix of bachelors over the years. We’ve seen a doctor, football star, prince, millionaire, single dad and more than a few familiar faces – this season, we have the dynamic combination of a bachelor who is not only a high school teacher, but the mayor of his city. But as different as the bachelors have been, there’s one thing they all have in common. They are all looking for love.


About Casey Tanaka:
  • Age: 36
  • Hometown: Coronado, CA
  • College: BA with Honors in History from UCSD / Minor in Political Science (1997)
  • Occupation: High School History Teacher (1999)
  • City Service: Elected City Councilman (2002, 2006), Mayor (2008, 2012)
  • Marital Status: Single (for now)
  • Pets: Dog (Leo)

eCoronado.com sat down with Mayor Tanaka to learn more about why he said yes to The Bachelor opportunity and how this may impact his professional and personal life.

Q: How did this opportunity come up? Did ABC seek you out or did you seek them?

A: A friend submitted my information for fun, but once I received the first call and “bachelor interview”, it quickly turned into a reality.

Q: Really, The Bachelor? Aren’t you concerned about being able to balance your role as a teacher, mayor and now TV heartthrob?

A: I am not worried as the show films in the summer months when I am not teaching.

Q: You’ve been described as Coronado’s most eligible bachelor by numerous residents around town. What’s all the buzz about?

A: I don’t think I’m the most eligible bachelor, I’m just the highest ranking one.

Q: Describe your ideal date both on the “island” and off.

A: I think dinner and a movie is always ideal, on or off the Island!

Q: Do you really think you will find your true love through this experience?

A: I am a romantic and I think this show, however impractical, is capable of magic.

Q: How will Leo (your dog) deal with adding another person to your family?

A: Leo is friendly and accepting, and I have no doubt that he will embrace whomever I choose.

Q: What is your favorite reality TV show?

A: Dual Survival or World’s Worst Tenants

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?

A: I’d have to go with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. How he kept his emotions and wits together during the Civil Rights Movement is something I would love to hear more about. I also have a strong feeling that he would be as genuine in person as he seems in documentary footage.

Q: What’s more frightening?
(a) Students that dress up as you for Halloween
(b) crowd of residents picketing to allow livestock in Coronado
(c) 25 women trying to land you as The Bachelor

A: I have dealt with (a) and (b) before, but never (c), so (c) would definitely terrify me the most!

Q: When does the next installment of The Bachelor premier and where will you be watching it?

A: The season premier isn’t until May 22nd and most likely I will be watching it.

Here is Mayor Tanaka enjoying a cold beer on an episode of “The Beers Gone Bad”:

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