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Islander Boys Soccer Takes First Win of the Season 2-1 Against Crawford

Final Score vs. Crawford Colts

On Wednesday, January 10 the Coronado Islanders boys soccer team went head to head against the Crawford Colts. With some back to back talking, yellow cards being given, and goals being scored, the Islanders rose above and won their first game of the season 2-1.

Notable Players:

Beckett Herr was a force to be reckoned with on the offensive side of the ball, scoring the two goals. He created options for the Islanders to push forward and play aggressive. Along with that, the Colts had to adjust after the first half to prevent Herr from scoring again. In doing so, that gave other Islander attackers a chance at pushing forward.

Beckett Herr making a move on the goalie and scoring

One of the other players in the offensive mix was Noah Santos. He allowed passing lanes to open up and had great ideas to get the ball to his teammates. Santos has great speed, and the Colts struggled to guard him especially on throw-ins which allowed the Islanders to create more opportunity to score and keep possession of the ball.

Noah Santos

As per usual, Xander Wastila had an incredible night in goal and had numerous saves and clearances, diving to stop the ball and jumping high to punch it out of the field of play. His long wingspan allows him to cover a great portion of the goal which makes it even harder for opponents to score on him.

Xander Wastila

After the first half of play, the score was 2-1, Islanders leading. In fashion, Herr scored both of the Islanders’ goals; one being a beautiful shot from far out that landed in the top right of the net, and the second one was an easy pass into the goal after juking out the goalie.


As the second and final half of play came to an end, the Islanders ended up victorious; thus snatching their first win for the books this season. Their record is now 1-7-1.

Upcoming Home Games:

Wednesday, January 17 vs. University City @6pm (League)

Friday, January 19 vs. Cathedral Catholic @6pm (League)

Graham Bower
Graham Bower
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