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California American Water Offers Customer Assistance Program to Multi-Family Customers in Imperial Beach

At the Imperial Beach City Council meeting on August 2, a representative from California American Water announced the launch of the Multi-Family Assistance Pilot Program (MAPP).

California American Water takes great pride in its ability to provide safe, reliable, and affordable water to its customers. Water service is vital, and affordability is key. To support the affordability of water service for its residential customers, California American Water is launching MAPP to provide financial assistance to eligible residents in the City of Imperial Beach.

Given the severity of the economic downturn that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic, California American Water sought and received approval from the California Public Utilities Commission to implement MAPP.

“This pilot program is exciting because we are able to help residents in apartments, condos, and mobile home parks who have experienced financial hardship due to the pandemic,” said Kevin Tilden, California American Water President. “I’m proud of our advocacy for these communities and pleased we can extend assistance to help multi-family customers who are in need of financial assistance.”

MAPP is being offered to City of Imperial Beach residents who receive electric and gas utility assistance under the California Alternate Rate Energy (CARE) program and who receive water from California American Water through a master meter (for example, meters at apartment complexes, condominiums, or mobile home parks). These residents are not direct California American Water customers, but they do receive water service which is billed to their landlord, complex, or property owner.

The company’s program administrator, Dollar Energy Fund, Inc. (Dollar Energy Fund), will implement MAPP and contact eligible Imperial Beach residents directly with a letter and a postcard in the mail. Those who receive the letter will be asked to return the enclosed postcard to enroll in MAPP.

Once enrolled, eligible residents will be mailed a check in the amount of $45.48 to defer any portion of, or increase in, their rent due to water consumption. Future payments, which may differ in amount, will then be sent on a quarterly basis.

Learn more about MAPP

For more information, visit and join American Water on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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