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To the Person Who Stole Our Daughter’s Purse

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To the Person Who Stole Our Daughter’s Purse:

You’re a really shi**y person. On Thursday, June 15, 2023, at approximately 2:30 pm at a restaurant at the corner of Loma Avenue and Orange Avenue, someone took our daughter’s purse from the chair where she had sat when we ate lunch.

She innocently left it there inadvertently after we ate. You “found” it and could have turned it into the restaurant or the police, but you didn’t. In fact, witnesses said,—and there were witnesses—that a girl went out of her way to feign tying her shoe at the second chair from the outside of the table and took the purse with her when she left. How pathetic to see girl-on-girl crime. We should be supporting each other, not committing crimes against each other.

We spent an hour looking all around the area, behind walls and hedges, in garbage cans and dumpsters, but didn’t find it. We called the police and filed a report. The very helpful officer assured us that of anywhere to lose a purse, this was the best place because people were so honest and helpful. But not you.

You didn’t get much. We canceled the credit card immediately, so no luck for you there. There was $25 in cash—go you. Also in the purse were meaningful personal items (of no value to you), including her driver’s license. We had to jump through many hoops, and our family and daughter, individually, were detained at the airport until we were thankfully cleared to board our flight. Some dear souvenirs from our trip were also in her purse.

What a shame that a town like Coronado with such “honest” and “helpful” people, not to mention the obvious affluence, hosts such small and petty individuals as you. For the momentary thrill and whole $25 that you got out of your crime, our daughter has lost much more. You are a thief, and you always will be. Shame on you. Great job making the world a worse place. But you still have one chance to make things right. Return the purse and all of its contents, undamaged, to the Coronado Police Department, and we will not press charges. This is your chance to do the right thing. Take it.

A Midwest Family Who Just Wanted a Nice Vacation in California


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Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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