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San Diego Legion Rugby Military Appreciation Day – May 28

Come out and witness the #1 team in Major League Rugby at San Diego’s Snapdragon Stadium for Military Appreciation Day on Sunday, May 28 at 1pm. San Diego Legion will take on the New York Ironworkers.

Like any great sporting event, you’ll find tailgating (beginning at 10:30am), a beer garden and live music; as well as an exciting rugby match!

Tailgating will start at 10:30am for the May 28th game. Photo courtesy San Diego Legion.

Snapdragon Stadium is now the permanent home of the San Diego Legion, who are proud to be playing in the newest and most elite rugby stadium in North America.

San Diego Legion strives to make the sport of rugby as beloved in the U.S. as it is globally, and to excite the local community about rugby’s diverse culture and positive influence.

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