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Sid Stockdale “A World Apart – Growing Up Stockdale During Vietnam, A Memoir” (video)


Sid Stockdale’s father, Admiral James Stockdale, was shot down during a bombing mission over Vietnam in 1965. Stockdale, then a Naval Aviator, would spend nearly eight years in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” prison, suffering torture and deprivation. He was the highest-ranking Navy officer POW in Vietnam.

James Stockdale’s wife, Sybil Stockdale, would found the League of Wives, which became the National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia. The League became a national effort that ultimately contributes to the release of 591 POWs during Operation Homecoming in early 1973.

For the first time, Sid Stockdale, one of four Stockdale children, shares his experiences of these years of trauma in a new memoir, “A World Apart – Growing Up Stockdale During Vietnam.”

Brad Willis has this Coronado Story:

If video doesn’t play, watch it here.

There will be a book launch at the Coronado Public Library on Thursday, May 25 at 7pm.

Brad Willis
Brad Willis
Brad Willis is an author and retired network news foreign correspondent who has worked in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Latin America and Asia. He has received national and international awards for compassionate journalism and for his war coverage. Brad is a longtime Coronado resident who has also served as Commissioner of Public Art for the City of Coronado. Send news tips or story ideas to: [email protected].

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