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Reasonable Coronadans Must Defend our Community from Conspiracy Theories

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Submitted by Allen Frances MD

When one person believes something crazy, it’s considered a delusion, requiring mental health treatment. When thousands of people share crazy conspiracy theories, they form a cult – no one individual believer need be considered mentally ill, but the group as a whole has become mentally unbalanced, often severely.

Individuals suffering mental illness are rarely dangerous – but mentally unbalanced cults usually are. Cult members feel liberated to do and say stupid and hurtful things in a group they would never dream of doing and saying alone. Cult beliefs that are hateful, aggressive and racist are a looming threat to individual civil rights, societal civility, and the very future of our democracy.

Brad Willis’ brilliant investigative journalism has exposed the great evil that lies at the heart of “Awaken” – a quasi-religious cult that espouses a wide array of remarkably kooky and dangerous conspiracy theories. Awaken has already established deep roots in Coronado – creating constant community discord and destabilizing our first rate school system. Fascism is attempting to come to Coronado wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

Reasonable Coronadans, of all political and religious persuasions, must defend our community and our kids from Awaken and its crazy conspiracy theories. Let us all join to fight Awaken’s attempted hostile takeover of Coronado. Please sign the petition and speak up for sanity and civility.

Allen Frances MD



They Plan to “Take Territory” in Coronado

Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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