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Let’s Work Together to Prevent Noxious Cult from Invading our City

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Submitted by John Pottridge

I am a Viet Nam veteran and San Diego native. I love Coronado and I love America. Nothing saddens, frightens and angers me more than fake patriotism and pseudo religious right-wing fanaticism. Brad Willis has exposed Awaken as a dangerous cult attempting to gain a foothold in our city. Its weird and dangerous conspiracy theories pose a serious threat to our school system, city government and our democratic process.

If civic leaders are with Awaken, they are not with the citizens of Coronado and are not doing their jobs. Let’s work together to prevent this noxious cult from invading our city.

John Pottridge

Updated 3/6/2023 with slight edits from the author.



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Managing Editor
Managing Editor
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