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Coronado School of the Arts: Visual Art

Visual Art is one of the conservatories that Coronado School of the Arts has to offer. This program (in the first semester) occurs during students fourth and fifth periods. These classes end at 3:45 pm on Wednesdays and 4:30 pm the rest of the school week. The conservatory’s teacher is Karrie Jackson. She is a Coronado School of the Arts graduate as well. Visual art students have called her “wonderful” and an “inspiring teacher.”

“Tyler,” Charcoal on paper, by Dean Richards

CoSA visual art students get practice, not just artistically, but business-wise. Ms. Jackson is willing to help students with that aspect if needed. Frequently there are exhibitions, which are fantastic opportunities for students to learn how to put on events revolving around art. Dean Richards, CoSA junior, says, “CoSA visual trains us to become better artists and become more confident in our styles…” By allowing these student artists to nurture their personal styles, it allows them to express themselves even more. An interesting experience the program provides is live figure drawing. This activity involves bringing a live model into the studio every Friday. The conservatory provides these budding artists with a myriad of resources. For the most part, these resources are art supplies. The students who take the program get access to paints, clay, canvases, and more tools the conservatory provides.

CoSA visual art students are constantly furthering their craft, in school and out. Dean Richards is currently working on a painting of a Yeti. He chose this to “explore the ideas that seem surreal in today’s world view.” When at school, Stella Perez, CoSA senior, is working on her jury presentation. The CoSA Jury is the students version of a final exam. Stella says that her jury “entails preparation for [her] AP art concentration next semester.” When Stella is not at school she enjoys making her own linocuts. This practice is where one would make stamps out of carved linoleum.

Art piece by Stella Perez

Is CoSA Visual Art for you?

When Dean Richards was asked what he loves about CoSA visual arts he said, “…the freedom we can practice everyday. BUT, what I love the most is the people in CoSA. The people in CoSA are all such lovely people and we really make a great community.” In addition, having a comfortable community, especially in your school, is very important. CoSA helps build long-lasting bonds and friendships with people of similar interests in their conservatories.

“Traveler,” Micron pen on paper, By Dean Richards

Moreover, Stella Perez says that the conservatory has “… taught [her] how to have a voice as an artist.” If you have a passion for visual arts you should definitely join the conservatory. You will be surrounded by teachers and fellow artists that will support you on your journey. Stella also says that CoSA visual “has truly been [her] favorite part of high school.” Lastly, the program helps you improve your skills in a creative space that will let you grow as an artist.

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Maria Laguna
Maria Laguna
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