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8 Reasons Noise Control Matters

Reasons Noise Control MattersHave you ever been in a building where the sound felt like it was turned up on high? You go to a restaurant and you can barely hear what your companions are saying. Or you try to sleep at night but all you hear is road noise. And what about going to a Coronado High School Indoor Pep Rally? While it’s loud, you can still hear yourself think. All of these situations are real reasons why noise control matters, and here are the top reasons why noise control matters.

It Makes it Easier to Hear in Restaurants

It’s not something we think about all that much, but the professionals who install echo reduction panels, three-pane windows, and even insulation with noise-dampening properties think about sound all the time. They know that noise control is important in restaurants because it makes it easier for patrons to hear each other. While the design of the building and the separation of the kitchen can make a difference in how sound travels as well, using soundproofing materials is essential.

It Eliminates or Dampens Echoes in School Auditoriums

Whether you’re going to your teen’s dance recital at the Coronado School of the Arts or the local production of Guys and Dolls, school auditoriums need noise and sound control measures. It reduces the echoes that make it hard to hear what’s happening on stage. It also ensures that sound carries throughout a room appropriately so that you aren’t hearing conversations from 6 rows behind you.

It Makes Manufacturing Plants Less Noisy

In business, making manufacturing plants less noisy is critical. Not only can noise damage the hearing of the workers, but it can also cause a lot of noise pollution in the community. Too much noise coming from their buildings can mean they will get fined or penalized. There are plenty of manufacturers nearby Coronado, and here are some of the things they do to make their facilities less noisy:

  • Use industrial fans or air ducts that have built-in sound-dampening features.
  • Install sound barriers and echo reduction panels.
  • Upgrade to machines with lower decibel ratings to reduce the amount of noise.

It Reduces Outdoor Noise

The most obvious benefit of noise control is that it reduces the amount of outdoor noise pollution. When we think of pollution, we usually imagine carbon emissions and smog from cars. But noise pollution is even more common than these other forms of air pollution—and often harder to eliminate because it’s not emitted from a single source but rather from an array of sources in your community.

Noise reduction is particularly important for people who live on busy streets or near airports, where excessive traffic noise could lead to health problems such as hearing loss, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Focusing on noise control can help.

It Improves Your Health

Noise control matters because it improves your health. Studies show that prolonged exposure to high-intensity sounds can cause hearing loss, stress, and sleep problems. Noise pollution also has been linked to cardiovascular disease, ringing in the ears, and other health issues over time. Focusing on good noise control matters because it can reduce your risk of these diseases.

It Improves Your Hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss is a common problem that can be permanent. Whether you work in a noisy building or live near one, noise control matters. The human ear is delicate, and the inner ear consists of small, delicate structures. When you are exposed to loud noise over time, these structures vibrate and may be damaged, resulting in noise-induced hearing loss.

It Helps You Get Work Done

Noise control is one of those things that you don’t immediately think about, but it’s important for your work. You want to be able to concentrate and stay focused on what you’re doing without having distractions from outside noise. Noise control in offices helps reduce sound from other employees, conversations, and inside the building. This can help you focus on the work you do.

It Removes Distractions

Noise control is important in the workplace because it can help you concentrate on your work. You might think that the noise of others in your office or other parts of your building isn’t affecting you, but it actually is. Even if you’re completely focused on what you’re doing, the noise around you will still be a distraction and make it harder for you to stay productive.


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