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Coronado Playhouse Presents “Ripcord” – Jan. 13-29, 2023

A face-off like you've never seen before! "Ripcord" runs January 13-29, Thursdays through Saturdays at 8pm, and Saturdays & Sundays at 2pm.

Coronado Playhouse is launching into the new year with a comedy of one-up-womanship. It’s not often we see media centered around aging women anymore, but this play by David Lindsay-Abaire will give fans of classics like “Golden Girls” all the humor, sarcasm, and grit only women of a certain age can dish out.

Two elderly women (Abby and Marilyn) room together at an assisted living facility. Abby is not happy about having a roommate, while Marilyn is quite content if she could have the bed by the window. They make a bet to fix their situations. Abby bets Marilyn that she can make her angry – if she wins, Marilyn moves out to another room. Marilyn bets Abby that she can make her scared – if she wins, she trades beds with Abby. Practical jokes ensue, getting more and more serious as lives are put at risk. Several other characters fill out the cast, helping Abby or Marilyn gain the upper hand, until they learn to either live with one another or die, whichever comes first.

“The two main characters, Abby and Marilyn, respond to their own traumas in vastly different ways, but they share one thing in common: their space. Like a microcosm for living in this world, these women are forced to live together in a small little room, each having their routines altered, each being pushed out of their comfort zones by each other. Through facing their fears and deeper emotions, they begin to find that the space is not only big enough for two, but it can be as large as the whole world if one chooses to embrace life,” says Director Kira Blaskovich. “There isn’t a plethora of strong, funny, willful women characters in their 50s and above on stage. When a role is written for a ‘woman of a certain age,’ they are supporting roles – comedic foils or austere, dominating matriarchs. Here, in ‘Ripcord,’ we are presented with Abby and Marilyn. They are surprising, comedic, sometimes raw, always real women… Just like the characters in ‘Ripcord,’ we are all sharing one thing: our space. By learning from others, by trying to understand and accept others, we create a bigger world – with more than enough space for all of us.” This play marks Blaskovich’s directorial debut with Coronado Playhouse.

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RIPCORD runs January 13-29, Thursdays through Saturdays at 8pm, and Saturdays & Sundays at 2pm.

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