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“Cottages at the Cays” Community Open House Draws Crowd

Community members gathered at the Cays Yacht Club on November 3 to learn more about the proposed Cottages at the Cays.

“Cottages at the Cays” is a newly developed plan proposed to the community of Coronado and San Diego by Cays Resort LLC, leaseholder of the land at North Grand Caribe Isle. The Cays Yacht Club was host to a Public Open House on November 3, which was billed as an opportunity to learn about the project, and discuss concerns with and ask questions of the project principals. The format of the night was very flexible with multiple tables displaying the site plans as team members mingled in the crowd available to chat and address inquiries from the community.

“Cottages at the Cays” Site Plan

The layout of the site design incorporates 41 rental units — cottage-style vacation rentals — along with additional amenities and features within the overall plan. A market-restaurant conjures a fresh waterfront café experience and each two-bedroom/two-bath cottage accommodates on-site parking spaces for two vehicles (cars only).  

Team members explained that Cottages at the Cays is planned to be very similar to the Chula Vista vacation rentals across the bay.

Another development of vacation rental cottages is right across the bay from Grand Caribe Isle at Sun Outdoors in Chula Vista.

Expanding beyond the cottages are visions to develop a new connecting boardwalk, playground, recreation space, and beach access to the Grand Caribe Shoreline Park. Furthermore, the plan also aims to enhance the passive recreation space.

Design of the proposed rental cottages next to the potential boardwalk

The timeline for this endeavor is up in the air at this point. There was a previous proposal for the area presented by Cays Resort LLC as Inn at the Cays, which was ultimately opposed by the Port of San Diego and the community back in 2020 because it did not align with the Port Master Plan. Shaped by public opinion, the idea was reconstructed into a smaller project. Kenneth Moore, who is a part of the project development team, explained that “Cottages at the Cays” is a significant reduction compared to original concepts by about 80 percent.   

The early plans were released with an “RV-Resort” name resulting in thinking it was to be an RV park for visitors to bring their recreational vehicles, however, it was revealed that the structures will be fixed on site with no accessibility for outside RVs. This will ensure less construction on site.  

Rendering of proposed RV-Resort on Grand Caribe, Coronado Cays

Island local Franziska Bea attended the meeting and shared her opinion as she was on her way to sign the petition against the proposal. She asserted, “I do not think it’s a good fit.” Bea bases her reasons on the environmental issues relating to the plan and the likely potential for overcrowding of the surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, there will be no street parking as it’s prohibited on N. Caribe Cay Boulevard.  

The approval process is built on community input alongside review and approval by the Port of San Diego. The Port of San Diego’s Port Master Plan allocates for commercial and recreational use on this specific portion of land, and although the Cays Resort LLC leases the land from the Port, Cays Resort does not control development approval or the designation of water and land use. Thus, the open house was for the Cays Resort team to collect input on public interest in the project, which if approved, could be set into motion early next year.


Kaylee Smith
Kaylee Smith
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