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Coronado Has its Biggest Fighter, its Most Ardent Supporter, and Loyal Servant in Carrie Downey

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Submitted by Rebecca Yim

More than a decade ago, I had written a letter to my fellow Islanders to showcase my mother, Carrie Downey, as one of the most outstanding and qualified candidates one could vote for when it comes to the City Council. Her more than 12 years of experience on the council, listening to the concerns of the residents and working tirelessly to make Coronado a home for everyone should be more than enough proof she has what it takes to serve once again. But there is much more to this petite yet tenacious woman than you’ve seen, whether she’s passing out pins for the Lions Club White Canes Weekend to raise money for the blind, or helping put together the Summer Season’s Concert in the Park. Lucky for me, I have had the privilege of witnessing a side of this woman most would never see, and I hope by sharing this side of her, you’ll see my mom the way I do: a superwoman.

Since moving here in 1994, my mom has always found herself with a hand in everything, since once word gets out you’re capable and trustworthy, more responsibility is thrown at you. She’s always been a master multi-tasker, finding the time to make chili for the Junior Woman’s Club chili cook off, man the children’s booth at the flower show, feed the homeless at Rachel’s House, all while showing up as a volunteer for school events like Gold Rush day and water-passer for track and field day. How do I know? My sisters and I were the free labor for all of it, which provided us with front row seats to the awesomeness my mom was (even though waiting for her to leave said events could take 20 minutes because she had to say thank you and goodbye to everyone). And yet, despite all of these pulls for her time, she was militant in ensuring we would all be at the dinner table each night, sharing a meal as a family, to discuss our thoughts and opinions on the latest news of the day, from tackling climate change in our own backyard to explaining why Coronado still didn’t have an In-n-Out on the Island (a decade has passed, and still no In-n-Out…what gives?).

More impressive to me is while giving as much time as she could to the Coronado community, my mom managed a full-time job, raised three daughters and then 12 years ago helped raise two step-sons, managed more clubs that I can count, all while battling Multiple-Sclerosis. To tackle one is a huge accomplishment, but to handle them all for more than 25 years, and still be walking with her head high and an unfazed smile is my definition of a supermom.

She has been our family’s rock, providing patience, understanding, wisdom and strength against any adversity. She instilled in my sisters and me the desire to make the world a better place, because of her drive to do the same. She has treated Coronado like her family since day one, and treats the community with the same attitude and energy as she does me.

I am incredibly blessed to call her my mother, for she is the strongest, smartest, and kindest woman I’ve had the privilege of knowing, with a heart of gold and nerves of steel. She puts her all into everything this city has asked of her, and for the past nearly three decades, she has kept the island community at the front of her priorities, whether or not you’ve been there to witness it. As Coronado is and will forever be our family, I can assure you, our island community has its biggest fighter, its most ardent supporter, and loyal servant in my mother, so I hope you will join me (and my sisters) in trusting my mother to make an even bigger difference to our home and vote for Carrie Downey to be your Coronado Councilmember.

Rebecca Yim

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Managing Editor
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