Friday, September 29, 2023

Planning a Luxury Coronado Staycation

Some staycations are inherently better than others. For instance, two weeks in Fargo in February is probably not on any North Dakotan’s list of preferred destinations. They’d much rather head to the beach or an island somewhere.

With this in mind, it’s hard to argue against taking a staycation in sunny Southern California. From the great weather to the beautiful beaches to the wide array of things to see and do, SoCal has it all!

Since staycations are all about soaking in the sights and sounds of the place you call home, Coronado residents ought to consider spending a week enjoying the luxuries available in this historic resort city. Here are some suggestions for planning a luxury staycation in Coronado:

Book a room at the Hotel del Coronado

The historic Hotel del Coronado – commonly referred to as The Del – is an iconic landmark of luxury. You’ve spent years admiring the massive beachfront resort from afar; now’s the time to experience it up close! Spend a week being pampered and spoiled like royalty. We recommend one of the newly redesigned Cabana rooms, though you can’t go wrong with whichever accommodations you choose.

Reserve a table at Serẽa Coastal Cuisine

One of two Michelin-star restaurants on the peninsula, Serẽa Coastal Cuisine is located on the grounds of the Hotel del Coronado. Assuming you take our advice and book a room at The Del, reserving a table shouldn’t be too difficult. Serẽa prides itself on offering sustainable seafood dishes of the highest quality, while also serving premium meats sourced from local ranches.

Wear comfortable clothing

Whether you’re lounging on the balcony or walking along the beach, comfort should be a priority. Keep the stuffy shirts and tightly fitted dresses at home and pack comfortable clothing instead. From men’s and women’s loungewear to breezy beach shirts and shorts, there are plenty of ways to look fashionable while dressing for comfort. While you might want to pack at least one formal outfit in case you decide to go out for the night, the priority should be on cozy and agreeable attire.

Go shopping on Orange Avenue

Coronado is home to one of the best shopping districts in the entire San Diego region. With this in mind, staycationers should spend a day strolling up and down Orange Avenue. There you’ll find dozens of unique shops and high-end boutiques. Whether you’re looking to buy or just want to window shop, a walk on Orange Avenue is worth every step. And with several wonderful restaurants trickled along the way, there are plenty of options for when you start feeling peckish.

Take a boat out on the bay

Watching the waves roll in is a relaxing experience, but those looking for excitement should consider getting out on the water. Take a walk over to Seaforth Boat Rentals to see about renting a small vessel. Or if your travel group exceeds six people, consider upgrading to a yacht. Are you too intimidated by a lack of nautical experience? If so, a Jet Ski or WaveRunner makes for a fun and fantastic introduction!

Play a round of golf

Luxury resorts and highly-rated golf courses often go hand-in-hand. With this in mind, it’s no surprise the Coronado Golf Course is ranked one of the best in the country. Even if your handicap is higher than your age, playing 18 holes at Coronado will be a wonderful experience. The seaside views alone are worth the price of admission, while the course itself is challenging without being too intimidating.

Catch a play

The Lamb’s Players Theatre is one of Coronado’s great cultural treasures. With performances happening year-round, staycationers are encouraged to catch a play or two while they’re within walking distance. Need tickets? Stop by the box office! The Lamb’s Players Theatre abhors ticketing fees and add-ons, which means the ticket price advertised is the one you pay, no kidding!

Staycations aren’t for everybody. It mostly depends on where you live and what your hometown has to offer. Fortunately, those living in Southern California don’t have to go far. If you call Coronado home, you’re ready to start your staycation experience today!


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