Sunday, November 27, 2022

Top Destinations To Shop In San Diego

San Diego has the best weather anywhere. In fact, the running joke about San Diego is that weather reporters can film an entire week’s worth of weather reports by saying that it will be 72° and sunny.

In addition to fantastic weather, San Diego has world-renown beaches and attractions, and there’s always something to do around the city.

One little secret, however, is the incredible amount of shopping.

A lot of the best shopping destinations are also located along the coast.

In most cases, you can spend a day at the beach and then head out to shop for your outfits, jewelry, and other items unique to the suburbs and of San Diego.

Our guide is designed to give you a feel of the community and the type of shopping you can expect to do when you visit.


The quaint little town in the San Diego harbor known as Coronado is a shoppers delight. With shops specializing in gifts, tourist trinkets, and casual to formal wear, there is a shop for everyone.

You can get almost anything in Coronado minus luxury electronics and furniture. There’s a shop that caters to all sorts of interests, from exclusive Olive Oils to pet shops and more. You can shop for luxury men’s wear at Brady’s Menswear in the famous Hotel del Coronado or grab a t-shirt and sandals at Emerald City, Coronado’s lone surf shop. Whatever your needs are, there’s sure to be a store for you.

Seaport Village

Just east of Coronado is Seaport Village, a tourist destination shopping hub. Along the bay, people can find trinkets, shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and other apparel to bag up and take home to loved ones. For kids, Seaport Village boasts one of the oldest carousels still in operation on the West Coast, making it a dual-threat visitation center for tourists and kids.

Old Town

The most historic part of San Diego is known as Old Town. Shops here serve dual roles. On the one hand, shops cater to the tourist, while on the other hand, shops specialize in the history and cultures that have lived in and around San Diego over the years.

Moreover, Old Town is home to some of the most authentic Mexican food north of the border.

La Jolla

Come play in La Jolla, known as the Jewel City. Shops ring the bluffs along the ocean, and just a short stone’s throw from the Children’s Pool and the La Jolla Cove are shops that cater from casual dress to luxury.

A short walk along Girard and Prospect Streets puts you right in the shopping heart of La Jolla, an elegant step-sibling to the famous Rodeo Drive.

Del Mar

A few miles north of La Jolla is the hidden little town of Del Mar. In the two-mile stretch that makes up the seaside town of Del Mar, the shops cater to the high-end luxury market, and the shops are the creme de la creme for sophisticates and connoisseurs alike.

Check out Durante’s Menswear for your top men’s fashion apparel, or check out Carolyn’s designer resale for designer clothes at a discount. Whatever your shopping needs, there’s sure to be a boutique where the “surf meets the turf” in Del Mar.


Carlsbad is a tale of two cities. Wanting to cling to its sleepy little town vibe from 30+ years ago to the bustling mini-city it has become today, Carlsbad offers different shopping opportunities for people of all economic backgrounds and interests.

Just off the 5N freeway are the outlet shops in Carlsbad offering discounted brand-name items, clothing, discount perfume, cooking ware, shoes, and so much more.

Along the coast into Solana Beach (not quite Carlsbad), there are all types of small locally-owned shops, coops, and discount shopping for locals and visitors with a keen eye.

As a tourist destination, San Diego boasts perfect weather, a beautiful coastline, Michelin-rated restaurants, the world-famous San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, and other attractions. However, the fantastic variety of shopping for locals and visitors alike is a little less known to the public.

Whether you’re in San Diego for a weekend getaway, spring break, or summer vacation, or are one of the fortunate ones to call San Diego home. There’s plenty of entertainment and shopping to keep everyone happy.