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Memorial Day Services Draw Huge Crowd

Nearly 1,000 People Turn Out For Memorial Day Services

This aerial image captures much of the crowd that turned out to celebrate Memorial Day in Star Park. It’s estimated that by mid morning nearly 1,000 people had gathered in Star Park and on adjacent streets and sidewalks. Photo by Ken Bitar.

Memorial Day services in Star Park Monday morning sank home the meaning of “Memorial Day” to nearly one thousand people in attendance.

Ms. Teri Clark-Gardella, honoring her late husband at Monday’s Memorial Day services in Star Park. Photo by Joshua Sapien.

They filled Star Park, lined the streets and sidewalks, and literally added to the emotion of the event in a way words strain to do justice to. How moving to see such an unbridled display of emotion in this, our veteran-driven community of Coronado.

Along the outer periphery of Star Park were uniformed members of the Coronado Police Department and Fire Department. This tribute and salute to our fallen military has become one of the great annual events in Coronado, and there was not a dry eye in the place. Photo by Joe Ditler.

Since 1932, Coronado has honored Memorial Day as a day to remember our servicemen and women who gave their lives for their country in time of war. The concept of Memorial Day was first created in 1868, at the end of the Civil War. This event was hosted by Veterans of Foreign Wars, Coronado Post 2422.

From left is 100-year-old Tom Rice (101st Airborne Division, WWII veteran and CHS graduate, Class of 1940), 98-year-old Walt Travis (Coronado resident and WWII veteran who served in the South Pacific), and Major General Roger B. Turner, Jr. (Commanding General, 1st Marine Division and guest speaker at the day’s event). Photo by Joshua Sapien.




Joe Ditler
Joe Ditler
Joe Ditler is a professional writer, publicist and Coronado historian. Formerly a writer with the Los Angeles Times, he has been published in magazines and newspapers throughout North America and Europe. He also owns Part-Time PR (a subsidiary of Schooner or Later Promotions), specializing in helping Coronado businesses reach larger audiences with well-placed public relations throughout the greater San Diego County. He writes obituaries and living-obituaries under the cover "Coronado Storyteller." To find out more, write or call [email protected], or (619) 742-1034.

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