Sunday, July 14, 2024

Coronado Playhouse Announces Inaugural Black History Month Program in Partnership with Typa Theatre Company

Coronado Playhouse is incredibly excited to partner with TYPA Theatre Company in hosting its inaugural showcase dedicated to honoring Black History Month entitled “Expression of Black Joy and Unity.” This addition to the current 76th season is part of Coronado Playhouse’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its ties to all of the San Diego theatre community and beyond.

This program occurs shortly after another new initiative with a similar goal, the Co-Production Partnership Program, which has recently closed submissions. While the Co-Partnership Program seeks to uplift another theatre company’s production through resources and support to be determined by show needs, Coronado Playhouse hopes to expand its personal and professional reaches, utilizing the talents of San Diego County’s Black performing artists and highlighting existing Black-owned theatre companies.

“There are a number of theater groups without a permanent home base who do amazing creative work. The board saw this as a wonderful opportunity to help provide a more open space for them in our community,” states Heather Barton Tjalma, Board Member of Directors and Play Selection Committee Co-Chair about the Co-Production project, “in these partnerships, we hope to nurture relationships with a wider range of artists and audiences members.” Barton Tjalma is also on the committee working to organize the Black History Month performance. This February, the Coronado Playhouse board strengthened and expanded upon its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion values and commitment statements which can be viewed on its website.

“This collaborative production has us at TYPA smiling from the inside out for Coronado, and all of San Diego because right now is the perfect time to celebrate the beauty, strength, and resilience of the African-American People!” states TYPA Founder and Program Organizer, Kimberly King. King’s excitement is evident through the inaugural program’s full title and theme: “Expression of Black Joy and Unity, All Our Black Lives: Forging Unity.” As cultural dialogue looks to recognize intersectional identities and distinguish experiences, it was important for all involved to ensure audiences knew Black people are not a monolith. “TYPA believes in the power of theatre to transform,” she continues, “to affirm, unify and amplify. Our greatest hope is that all the Black History Month celebrations, all around the City of San Diego bring us together to experience the joy of representation.”

“Expression of Black Joy and Unity” will perform February 26th, 2022 at Coronado Playhouse at 7PM.

The event is free. Suggested donation is $20.
Reservations are suggested 

The oldest arts organization in Coronado, Coronado Playhouse, stands proudly among the best in the Community Theatre world of San Diego and constantly strives for excellence in its productions. They diligently strive to select diverse creative and production teams that will deliver smart and enlightening productions to CPH audiences.

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