Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Make Fitness Part of Your Routine

Fitness classes are an enjoyable way to maintain physical health. At the John D. Spreckels Center there are incredible courses and instructors to guide you in meeting your health goals. In addition, you might find yourself surrounded by individuals who will inspire you on your health journey. Some of the classes you can take advantage of are:

Tai Chi – Instructor Jaime Pitner has recently begun teaching this wellness course on Wednesday evenings from 6-7 pm. This is the perfect exercise to wind-down as meditative music softly plays while you slowly follow the movements. Classes are $32 for residents and $42 for nonresidents per month. You even have the option to try the class once by paying a walk-in fee. Tai Chi improves balance, flexibility and strength and is beneficial for all ages.

Five Days of Fitness – We are so fortunate to have Ethyanne Andres teaching many of our low impact strengthening courses. She has been an instructor of fitness for decades and it is her goal to help as many people in the community to achieve their fitness goals. While she has in-person individual classes, she is now offering five days of fitness as a virtual option! The two classes that are combined to make this five-day fitness routine are:

1) Morning Wake-up (M/W/F) from 8-8:55 am. Literally, wake up with a low impact exercise class that will provide 25 minutes total body strengthening. Areas of focus include abdominal strengthening, arm and leg work, and stretching.

2) Stretch Relief (T/Th) from 9-9:55 am. This class is a restorative stretch class anyone can join that includes various yoga poses, abdominal strengthening, and lots of stretching. Stretch Relief is helpful for relieving pain from overly tight muscles and focuses on good posture.

It is only $100 for residents and $110 for nonresidents to enroll for a month of exercise that will put you on target for feeling better physically and mentally.

Zumba Gold – This January our newest instructor, Marg Stark, will be offering patrons an energizing, uplifting way to burn calories with a FREE sampler of her dance class. Marg says her favorite thing about teaching is seeing you smile. Coordination is not a requirement. You have nothing to lose by coming on Tuesday, January 11 at 2 pm. This course will have the option for monthly sign-up beginning in February, $60 for residents and $70 for nonresidents, or a walk-in option available for $15.

There are so many classes and programs going on in our bustling center. If you have not stopped by, please do! We are located at 1019 7th Street. If you have questions, please call our friendly staff at 619-522-7343. To find out more about our offerings, go to Coronado.ca.us/Spreckels to find our Spring brochure.