Thursday, December 2, 2021

In Response to CUSD Update

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Submitted by Donna Manning

In response to article of 10/22/21 titled “CUSD Update: Censure Against Trustee Keszei Tabled, Meeting Ends Abruptly After Trustee Antrum Shares Threats of Violence”

The physical threats and emotional abuse directed against School Board member Whitney Antrim by some Coronado parents provides the most conclusive possible evidence that our community definitely needs a “No Place for Hate” program. Make no mistake about it – our town is rapidly entering a dark place. The vitriolic actions of just a few parents have crossed a dangerous line and set a terrible example for our children. We are moving past the desirable exercise of free speech and toward the casual tolerance of thuggish intimidation.

How does Coronado reverse this downward spiral into ever-worsening civil discord? We can’t be passive in the face of this malignant process; our community must prove that we are better than this. We must unite in our condemnation of all parental bullying – most specifically of school board members and school system employees, but also of the majority of parents in this community who want our children to be safe from Covid, safe from bullying, and safe from bigoted parental censorship in our schools.

Donna Manning




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