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Coronado’s Fitness Experts Share Advice on Starting a New Routine

Photo: From left clockwise: Talia Rozen, owner of Jo Stretch; Jean Pierre & Linda Marques, owners of Coronado Yoga; Jeanne Daugherty Jameson, owner of Performance Elite, Stephanie Anderson, owner of Island Yoga; and Chris Guerrero, owner, & Sara Jane Massengale, head coach of F45 Coronado.

Coronado is a fantastic and unique city for fitness. The diverse demographic lends itself to a spectacular array of activities for everyone to find their own special routine. Whether you are just starting back after a hiatus or starting a new workout, Coronado’s top fitness experts share advice on getting started, staying healthy, and how to stay motivated.

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Jean Pierre and Linda Marques, Master Teachers and owners of Coronado Yoga have over 100 years of expertise combined. Their bright, calm yoga studio on 8th & Orange is comfortable and inviting, a reflection of their personalities. Linda and Jean Pierre discuss their top tips for beginning a new routine. Linda shares that “starting off slowly and taking your time are key. Start something, do something every day to stay active.” Jean Pierre adds that living a life of balance is key. “We say, never too much, and never too little. Be aware of negativity. Take time away from computers and television and away from chaos.” Both Jean Pierre and Linda agree that self-love is paramount. “Self-love is not selfish. It is self-respect. Take care of your spirit and practice gratitude.” Classes are available seven days a week and are 60 minutes in length. Coronado Yoga is located at 801 Orange, Suite 202. Free class with purchase of class card. Visit for class schedule and full details.

At first glance, F45 is a bright, airy, colorful fitness heaven. The crisp Coronado breeze and bright sunshine flood the room, energizing the space. Coaches and staff are warm, friendly, and high-level certified personal trainers that teach the 45-minute functional high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes. If you’re just starting out or getting back into a routine after a break, Chris Guerrero, owner of F45 Coronado, shares one of the best ways to show accountability. “Find a buddy and ask them to go with you so it’s not intimidating. You are meeting them there, so you’re not going at it alone.” Sara Jane, Head Coach of F45 adds, “Step one is to show up. Be vulnerable. Let the professionals and coaches do the job of getting you moving.”  Whether your goals are to carry your kids, become a better runner, get stronger, or just be in generally great shape, F45 can help. Exercises are for time, not for reps, meaning you go at your own pace. F45 Coronado is located at 1000 C Avenue, Suite B. Trial passes are $7 for seven days. Visit for class schedule and full details.

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Covid-19 gym closures did not deter Performance Elite’s ability to get people moving in their Butt Kickers fitness camp, picturesquely located at the Coronado Shores beachfront grass field. Classes are 60 minutes in length and attendees enjoy the community and comradery of sweating to the sunrise at everyone’s favorite beach. Jeanne Dougherty Jameson, owner and head trainer, stresses the importance of “starting off low and slow. Focus on your form. Set goals that are realistic and attainable.” In order to stay energetic and hydrated, Jeanne recommends 10 glasses of water per day, minimum. “The more water you drink, the more you’re flushing out, and the more energy you have,” says Jeanne. Butt Kickers classes are five week programs available at 6:00 a.m. and 7:15 a.m., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Coronado Shores. Email or call 619-743-5018 for full details.

If you are looking to detox, relax, and stretch it out all while enjoying a panoramic view of the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, then Island Yoga might be for you. Classes offered include a variety of yoga and Pilates. Although yoga may be practiced every day, Stephanie Anderson, owner, advises “as you head back into what you love, take it slowly. Listen to your body – it will tell you if you are pushing too hard.” Stephanie also emphasizes to “always, always stretch, before and after your workout. Make progress every day – talk to your instructor if you have injuries and modifications will always be available to you.” Island Yoga is located at 1330 Orange Avenue, Suite 210. Two week introductory package for unlimited classes is $49. Visit for full details.

Speaking of stretching, Talia Rozen, owner of Jo Stretch, shares her secrets to success. Jo Stretch is a studio offering 1-on-1 assisted stretching with a stretching professional for 25 to 50 minutes per session. Stretching is not only important to staying fit, but getting fit, too. Stretching helps prevent injuries and flushes out your muscles, aiding in recovery. Talia says to “start slow, don’t overdo it. Get stretched and get your mobility back before rigorous exercise.” She also states the importance of staying accountable. “Find a buddy or a friend to go with you so you can make it a habit, consistency is key.” Jo Stretch is located at 1010 C Avenue. Introductory package is $99 for four 25-minute stretch sessions. Visit for full details and booking.

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