Saturday, January 28, 2023

CUSD Distance Learning Update – DLP to Begin April 6

"Those who have a WHY to live for can bear with almost any HOW" ~ Nietzsche

On Monday, April 6th, Coronado Unified School District will embark on an initiative designed to engage our learners in new and creative ways. Our effort in creating a TK-12 Distance Learning Program (DLP) represents a significant shift, necessitated by unprecedented circumstances which led to mandatory school closures, away from conventional practices. Please take time to review the information and overview of our DLP provided on the link below.

It is important to recognize that this deviation from direct instruction to facilitating learning remotely is new for all parties involved; our students, parents, and our teachers. It is going to look, sound, and feel different than our traditional structures and settings, and that is okay. Through adversity comes creativity, humility, and an opportunity to focus on our why. Why are we in this profession? Who do we serve? What do they need from us now? How can we provide it?

As a staff, our purpose is clear and we will not allow any obstacle to prevent us from providing the resources, support, and encouragement our students need when they need us most. And I believe it is fair to say that they need us now, as we need them.

I want to assure parents who entrust us to create conditions, despite unanticipated challenges, which prioritize health, safety, and success that we stand in solidarity with you. We want what is best for our students now, and refuse to wait until we have clear direction from outside of our district. In a time when so much is unknown, it is incumbent upon us to act on what we do know; we need to do something to engage our students today. During our transition, we ask for your patience and understanding as we build experiences, learn from our mistakes, adjust, modify, share – all while modeling humility.

I have so much gratitude for our teachers, support staff, and administrators who continue to connect, challenge, and champion every child, every day. Thank you for taking risks and thinking outside of the box; your courage and resolve are appreciated.

This is going to be a surreal Spring Break; I wish you all solace, happiness, and health.

  Karl Mueller

Distance Learning Update and Information

The Coronado Unified School District is committed to making sure that students continue to experience the care and commitment of our teachers and staff, and the routine of robust daily learning, even in the event of school closures. We must acknowledge that our approach to distance learning cannot replicate the magic that happens when school is in session (the invaluable social interactions and mediation, real-time, in-person feedback, community and extracurricular events, and so on). However, we do contend that quality learning can and will occur in CUSD from a distance!

Please click here to read the complete Distance Learning Plan.

CUSD Provides Free Meals For All Coronado Residents 18 Years And Under!

  • Grab-and-Go Meal Service at Village Elementary and Silver Strand
  • Beginning April 6th – Every Monday (with the exception of 4/13 ‘holiday’ – pick up 4/14)
  • Location: Multi-Purpose Rooms at VES (H Street) and Silver Strand Elementary
  • Distribution Time: 11:00AM – 1:00PM

Beginning on April 6th, all families with children 18 and under will be able to pick up free breakfast and lunch meals via curb-side pick-up. Each child will receive a bag that contains 5 days’ worth of meals for breakfast and lunch. Children are not required to be students of Coronado Unified School District. This is free for everyone regardless of (free/reduced/paid) meal status. Students who are receiving meals must be physically present at the time of pick up.

All meals will be distributed curb-side to decrease the risk of exposure. Only those in cars will be served meals, no walk ups or bicycles allowed in order to maintain social distancing. Meals may consist of packaged, refrigerated, and frozen items (heating instructions will be provided).

Click here to read Superintendent Mueller’s full update including information on access to digital devices, resources available from internet service providers and more.