A Positive Step Toward a Safe, Reliable and Sustainable Water Supply

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Submitted by Marsi A. Steirer

On January 8th, the City of Coronado held an informational meeting regarding the Golf Course Modernization Project (Project) that consists of the construction of a recycled water facility, irrigation system upgrades, and a new maintenance facility. The City undertook extensive outreach, informing residents of the meeting through letters, social media, and articles in the paper and e-news publication. The outreach was successful, as the room was full and was standing room only.

The presentation on the Project was informative, with presentations made by city staff and the consultant on the Project’s scope of work. The recycled water produced at the proposed Satellite Recycled Water Facility (SRWF) will provide Coronado with a locally produced and controlled drought proof water supply that will ensure that the golf course, parks and medians stay green. The Project is well thought out and will deliver one million gallons a day of recycled water as early as 2022.


Recycled water has been used in California for more than 100 years, first in agriculture and farming. In our region, recycled water has been safely used for many years in recreation (Santee Lakes), cooling towers (San Diego), cemeteries (Miramar), and golf courses (Torrey Pines, Black Mountain Ranch, Miramar, Eastlake, to name a few). Recycled water has been used in Orange County for decades as a sea water intrusion barrier to protect groundwater basins used for drinking water. Recycled water is regulated by the State of California Environmental Protection Agency, and it is a safe and sustainable water source.

Our family has lived across from the Coronado Golf Course since 1995, so this project that I support is in our front yard. During my years working for the City of San Diego, I led the effort to expand the City’s recycled water distribution system to connect new customers. For more than a decade, I was the Project Director of what is now known as Pure Water San Diego that will use water purification technology to produce high quality drinking water, providing one-third of the City’s water supply by 2035.

In moving forward with Golf Course Modernization Project, the City of Coronado is taking a positive step toward developing a safe, reliable and sustainable water supply. Please join me in supporting this vitally important Project.

Marsi A. Steirer



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