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Educating Women on Finances & Lending an Ear To Those in Need: Local Financial Advisor Hayley Beard

Getting to know Hayley Beard shed light on what a gift she is to our community; not only as a volunteer with many local organizations, but even more so as an asset to those who need financial guidance and support. Hayley enjoys being an integral part of the community and involved with the Friends of the Coronado Library, Coronado Chamber of Commerce, Coronado Schools Foundation, San Diego Alzheimer’s Association and Rotary Club of Coronado, as well as the long-standing local women’s investment clubs, “The Sand Dollars” and “Money Honeys.” And let’s not forget, Island Beer Club.

Hayley graduated from Purdue University and was recruited to work at Vanguard in Scottsdale, AZ where she worked for eight years while spending her free time making “girl trips” to the beach in San Diego. This is how she met her now-husband, Sam, who is an architect with J Street Hospitality, currently working on the renovation of the Villa Capri by the Sea hotel. She feels fortunate to have been able to join the Edward Jones Coronado office two years ago. Growing up, her father trained as a Navy SEAL in Coronado, so this is not her first time here.

Helping military families is important to Hayley, and I was struck by her passion for helping people by creating a safe place to confide, ask questions and get answers from a trusted resource in the community. She shares that this is one of the ways she feels she can give back. Hayley grew up in Indiana in a community with food and financial instability. She told me that she has spoken to many people of all ages in Coronado who have experienced financial disruption and concerns. She implores that it is something that needs to be spoken about. I asked her if there are people who come into her office to talk. Just talk. People, women, who are scared and don’t know what to do next. Her answer was a solid yes. Whether it be the people you would never know are in trouble, a recent widow or a young military member she has had conversations with all of the above. I asked her if there are people in our community who are experiencing a financial crisis. She told me she has on more than a couple occasions shared resources with people we call our neighbors for food pantries and 2-1-1, a national service providing resources and information for those in need.

Hayley has a kind and compassionate demeanor and has been advising individuals and businesses for over a decade. It’s no wonder she is willing to sit down with people and begin fact-finding conversations so she can point people in the right direction while helping others begin understanding budgeting, investment and money management. Many times she has met with widows listening to their stories of grief and fear, helping with life insurance policies, tax ramifications, pensions and meeting with estate attorneys on the widow’s behalf.

Many of these appointments happened while she spent six months in a wheelchair following back surgery. She is happy to be able to walk again and get in a round of golf here or there.

It is clear that Hayley is passionate about educating and empowering women on how to prioritize immediate needs over long-term goals because a lack of financial confidence negatively impacts major life choices. She wants to help do her part to avoid unfortunate consequences due to a lack of education and guidance.

Hayley shares an office with her senior branch office administrator, Rachel Estrada, who has 21 years of experience in the financial industry and has been in the Coronado office for six years. Rachel is also a Notary. Together they are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of personalized service in the industry building relationships where you can rest assured your best interest is their number one priority.

I left their office knowing that when I have a financial question, large or small, or I just need an experienced ear to listen, Hayley has the experience and heart to meet the need.

She and her husband are hoping to one day soon begin raising a family here. In the meantime, they are occupied with Mr. Big, their 11-year-old English Bulldog.

Hayley and Rachel welcome your visit to the office located at 963 Orange Ave for a cup of coffee or your call to set up an appointment (619) 435-7712. You can visit their website here.

Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly
Chris is a native San Diegan who has had business ties to Coronado from when the bridge still had a toll. She vowed to herself one day she would make the island her home. Chris has been an entrepreneur for over two decades as a business owner and business/life strategist and coach. Her work has been seen in magazines, blogs, The Seattle Times and The Huffington Post.Have news to share? Send tips, story ideas or letters to the editor to: [email protected]

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