Coronado Police Reminder: Don’t Provide Alcohol to Teens

Source: Coronado Police Department

This past month, Coronado officers responded to two large parties (70+ kids) where alcohol was being provided to minors. The 18 and 20-year-old hosts were both cited for contributing to the delinquency of minors and hosting a party where minors were consuming alcohol.

The majority of underage youth get their alcohol from adult sources. Underage drinkers are at a higher risk for treacherous scenarios including violence, drinking and driving, unwanted sexual activity, assaults and vandalism.

To combat this problem, the City of Coronado has a Responsible Host Ordinance.…

How you can help us protect your children, and our community:

• Don’t compromise with youth and allow them to drink if they promise not to drive.
• Make it clear to your children that alcohol is not an option for them until they are 21.
• Begin talking with your child at an early age about alcohol and its consequences.
• Set an example – offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages at parties.
• Teach your child about true friendships, so when peer pressure begins they will have the confidence to stand up for themselves and their friends.

The Facts for Youth

ZERO TOLERANCE! According to state law, any youth under the age of 21 who possesses an alcoholic beverage in a public or in a place that is not public (unless being supervised by his/her parent or guardian) can receive a fine and may have his/her driving privilege suspended.


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