Logos Youth Center Proposal: Reasons to Reconsider

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Submitted by Chloe Youngberg

I am writing to the Coronado community on the recent outcome from the City Council meeting that was held on April 16, 2019. It was disappointing to read that the proposal could not be put to a “yes” vote. I must admit, before this City Council meeting took place, I knew very little about the upcoming plans for the youth center. I had heard a swirl of misinformation (primarily gossip) from various residents on Coronado and I was still unsure of what the specifics were for the property that resided on the corner of 10th and C.

I was able to read the submissions, “letters to the editor” written by Mr. Brad Gerbel, Pastor David McElrath and my former SNSCI (Senior Naval Science Instructor) Captain Ken Ireland. All three men expressed their opinions in a heartfelt, factual and persuasive manner.

After some personal research of my own, I want to urge Coronado residents to give this proposal more considerable thought and make your voice known. You can do so by writing a letter to the editor in our local newspapers (The Coronado Times or the Eagle & Journal) or by speaking out at the next city council meeting (next meeting is Tuesday May 7th at 4 pm). The youth center (once the project is approved) will prove to be an invaluable asset to the Coronado community, specifically among our youth and teens.

Speaking from my own personal experience as a former NJROTC cadet (CHS class of 2011), the program and the learning environment (the NJROTC classroom/ study hall) was a tremendous help in my studies and social interaction with my fellow cadets and high school peers in all four years of my high school experience.

If we can implement a program that encourages self-growth, puts an emphasis on community and cultivates the importance of inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness (in terms of religion, gender, ethnicity etc.), this youth center could help many young lives develop mentally, physically and spiritually; in a healthy and inviting atmosphere. The Logos Youth Center would reduce a majority of the issues that many parents tend to worry about as their children enter middle and high school. These issues include drugs, sexually promiscuous behavior, depression or suicide.

This youth center would give young adolescents a healthy understanding of group involvement, leadership skills, motivation to do well with their studies and give individuals (who are not involved in sports or simply need a place to go) the opportunity to interact with their peers and or instructors in a safe learning space. I think as long as the building is up to code, meets all the required standards (for remodel or tear down) then it should be built.

Chloe Youngberg



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