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92118 Day Massive Success – By the Numbers

An estimated 10,000 people attended 92118 Day on September 21, 2018.  Residents of all generations enjoyed the first occurrence of this numerically unique day when the zip code (92118) matches up with the date.  The next 92118 Day will take place on September 21, 2118.  Yes, only 99+ years to go!

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City Manager Blair King commented, “By all accounts, the community thoroughly enjoyed this once-in-a-lifetime event. I am pleased the City Council chose to sponsor the event. Coronado is blessed with citizens who are eager to interact socially. Many academics point to the decline of community and neighborliness. I can say with certainty that 92118 Day is the kind of event that fosters community, the most important characteristic that makes hometowns great, safe and healthy. Coronado showed its pride and the community had a great time”.


  • $155,000+ Generated in Sales by Local Vendors / Non-Profits
  • $62,600 Given by City of Coronado to Fund 92118 Day Event
  • $45,156 Given Back to City of Coronado from 92118 Day Event
  • 10,000 Attendees (Estimated by Coronado Police Dept.)
  • 400 VIP Tickets Sold (100% of Proceeds Given Back to City of Coronado)
  • 140 Letters Collected at Surfrider Foundation Booth to Advocate for Cleaner Oceans
  • 100s of Volunteers (All Ages and from Dozens of Organizations)
  • 98 Booths (Local Vendors, Organizations & Non-Profits)
  • 75 Volunteers Cleaned Event Area and Beach the Following Morning
  • 5-0 Unanimously Approved by City Council
  • 4 Local Bands Jammed, 1 Amazing National Anthem Singer


92118 Day committee members present City of Coronado Council with two checks: $155,000+ made by Coronado businesses/non-profits and $45,156 in proceeds from 92118 event (given back to City of Coronado).  In addition, a proclamation was given by Congressman Scott Peters to honor 92118 Day.

The goal of 92118 Day was to encourage Coronado neighbors to come out to enjoy a day of activities, beach games, music, drink, food, local vendors and most of all, each other.  It took place all over Coronado, but the main event took place from 3pm to 8pm along Ocean Blvd. and at Central Beach – one of the most naturally beautiful locations in Coronado.

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Thousands of hours were put in by volunteers and the 92118 Day Committee which consisted of Steve Johnson, Alisa Kerr and Rob Crenshaw.  The group shared, “We are so thankful to the City of Coronado, the volunteers, local businesses, organizations and especially our community of neighbors that came out to participate in this magical day.  Everyone safely enjoyed the event, over $155,000 was generated for local businesses and organizations and the 92118 Day Committee was able to pay a significant amount of the costs back to the City of Coronado.  A huge win for everyone involved!”


Mayor Richard Bailey exclaimed, “92118 Day was a celebration of everything and everyone that makes Coronado such a special place. I am grateful for the hard work of all of the volunteers that made this one-in-a-lifetime celebration possible.”

Many residents have been asking for a repeat of 92118 Day.  As promised, there are NO plans to hold an event like this next year.  However, the clock is ticking for 9-21-18 (of the year 2118). The official video and event photos have been released and can be viewed at

Great job Coronado!
-92118 Day Committee

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Source:  92118 Day Press Release

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92118 Day Committee
92118 Day Committee
For more information about the committee, schedule, activities and more, visit


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