Opting Out of the Sanctuary State

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Submitted by Jim & Alison Newhall

By signing SB54, our Governor directed all California cities and counties to ignore Federal laws, and to interfere with Federal law enforcement efforts, in order to provide sanctuary for criminal illegal aliens residing in our state. The U.S. Department of Justice is suing California to overturn SB54.

To our City Manager, Mayor and Council Members: Here is a critical opportunity to demonstrate your leadership in support of “Residents (citizens) First” and local/Federal law enforcement, by enacting an ordinance to exempt Coronado from California’s misguided “Sanctuary State” policy (SB54) which took effect on January 1.

Opting out of SB54 would enhance the safety of our residents and law enforcement personnel, while minimizing property and vehicular crimes.  And it would send a clear message to Sacramento that Coronado values its residents (citizens), Police and ICE agents more than criminal illegal aliens.  Los Alamitos just opted out, as did Orange County, and other cities and counties (such as Buena Park, Aliso Viejo, Huntington Beach and Shasta County) may enact similar resolutions.

The City of San Diego appears on many lists of sanctuary cities, and coupled with our mild climate, has attracted a huge population of illegal aliens, many of them homeless, and plenty of them criminals. It seems very unlikely San Diego will opt out of SB54. If Coronado does not opt out, it will leave the welcome mat in place for illegals to migrate over the bridge from San Diego and other nearby cities.

Coronado is already poised to become a sanctuary for sex trafficking victims, which will heighten our potential for gang activity. We are also a short boat ride from the border and have had illegal aliens landing on our beaches. Coronado should not invite nor tolerate any illegal aliens (or homeless) from across the bay.

I would encourage our City Manager and Police Department to provide residents with a history of criminal illegal aliens documented in Coronado.

Jim & Alison Newhall


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