Golf Course Restaurant GM Speaks Out

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Submitted by Doug Andersen

With the continuing inaccurate and false information being delivered to our City Leadership and Community about our organization we can no longer stay silent. The latest assertion that we at the Coronado Golf Course Restaurant are underperforming is highly inaccurate. According to Coronado CPA Rodney Watkins, we paid $247,000 in rent, not the $180,000 asserted by City Staff. Furthermore, the City hired the National Golf Foundation to evaluate our restaurant and concluded that we are the highest grossing golf course restaurant in the nation. City Staff seem desperate to award the restaurant contract to the Pro Shop, a decision apparently made prior to the Request for Proposal (RFP).

While Brian Smock is a likable individual, he does not have one minute of restaurant experience compared with the 25 years we have running the golf course restaurant, setting new revenue records for the City year after year. The fact is, we outperform golf at the golf course! We have done this through a business philosophy that has continually balanced the needs of golf with community events while adjusting operations to meet the needs of an ever evolving customer.

Unfortunately, we were locked out of the RFP process and not even afforded an interview. While the City staff’s motivation for this is unclear, it is not in the best interest of the citizens of Coronado. Furthermore the continued misinformation campaign and fake news about the reason for this change has cast a negative light on our organization that has been disheartening to our team members.

Doug Andersen, General Manager
Coronado Bayside Grill


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